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Hi! I'm vixen!(If your wondering aboult the name I LOVE ANIMALS!) I've gotten old and wiser (mostly older). And have just chosen to change a few things. To put it simply, I'm starting to feel that I'm too old to sweat everything that someone says to me. On the other hand, I guess a little about myself is in order. I've recently turned 21 so I guess all I have to say is "YAY ALCOHOL!!!" but at the same time "GOODBYE SWEET DAYS OF MY YOUTH!!" But as always enjoy. I love sharing my work with people who like it!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

   Explanation for "Mad Hatter Hidan"
There is another version of Alice in Wonderland called Beyond the Looking Glass. In this version there is a chess theme instead of a cards theme and the land looks like a chess board, hence the red and white grass. Also, the environment changes and everyone has a certain rank on the board. Since I read that Hidan's name means "Rook Rank" or something like tha, I figure that it could work. And Besides, he IS crazy, more or less. And most of all, He's super cute in that damn costume. XD
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

   Somebody call a shrink!
OH GOD!!!! I can't stop myself! I have been filled with the sudden urge to draw chibis!!! And I don't think I'll be able to stop for a while. And thats not all. I drawn yaoi and a small fan manga! I will post the fan manga but I'm not so sure about the yaoi though...
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

   Sorry about not updating
I've had a lot of things to do lately so I haven't been able to add new fan art (or even draw for that matter). I've just finished my training but now i have an internship so forgive me if it takes some time to update.
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