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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Evening folks! Had a VERY long week. Too many tests, obnoxious freshman I had to set straight (I didn't hurt them...[badly]). We beat Morganton Freedom in a playoff game on Friday. This week, I head to Charlotte for a game vs. North Mecklenburg, then on Saturday get up early to go to UNCG for the all state honors jazz band there. Go back on Sunday, then come back in time for youth group. I'm not going to sleep much this weekend. Well...gtg, listening to Meat Loaf still. Love 'em. Bye folks. Hope everyone had a good Veteran's Day. Freedom isn't free. Remember that, and say thank you to anyone you know who is a Veteran.
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Sunday, November 5, 2006

So, uh, last night I played with a group from Indiana called The King's Brass. These are professionals. Then, I had some jazz combo stuff. I'm the only trombone in it, so I was really nervous. But, It all came out okay. Well, I'm just sittin' here listening to Meatloaf. Very awesome band. Probably one of my favorites. Well, gotta check my email and go back to school tomorrow (it sucks). Bye
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Thursday, November 2, 2006

I love long weekends
Ah, Halloween was a blast. I pretty much scared every kid in my neighbor hood. No, not by looking at them dressed normally, but in one of THE scariest masks ever. It was fun. Does it make me a bad person that it was fun? Anyway, got a new pro trombone (awesome), and have the next week off. End of grading period is fun. Love to stay and chat, but I have some serious work to do. Need me for anything...who am I kiddin'?
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Final Chapter
Ichabod immediatly realized what was going on, and spurred Gunpowder to the fastest gallop possible. Down the rutted dirt road they flew, trying to escape the woods, to reach the safety of the hallowed ground of the church at the edge of the woods. Though Gunpowder had been bred to perfection, he could not escape the horse behind him. In fact, the creature behind him was gaining, slowly but surely. Soon, Ichabod knew, he was going to be caught by the Devil of Sleepy Hollow, and the only escape was to leave the woods. Through the darkened forest, charging blindly, heedlessly ahead, just wanting to escape the Horseman. But he could not. Soon, the Horseman hove into view, and the legends hadn't even come close to describing the horror of him. The horse he rode on was a deep, coal black, but the hooves were wreathed in flame. The eyes glittered like the fires of hell. It was larger than any other horse Ichabod had ever seen. Then, the beast snorted, and not only ash but fire as well emerged from its nostrils. The creature that rode it was no less terrifying. In a set of chainmail and a black, flowing cape, bent low over the horse was the Horseman. The Jack-O-Lantern was tucked under his right arm, glowing from within in a way a candle could never manage. The place where the head should have been was a gaping black hole. When Ichabod saw this, he lost all control, and pushed Gunpowder more than he should have. But, just as it seemed they should have been caught, they caught sight of the church. Without thinking, Ichabod slowed. This was his only mistake. He realized what happened and sprang ahead, but it was too late. As Gunpowder leapt over the ravine between the road and the church, the horsemanthrew his "head" at him. It struck him in the side of the temple, sending him flying back over Gunpowder, to land on the side of the ravine with the Horseman. With a deft stroke, he severed Ichabod's head, than vanished into the darkness. On the other side, Gunpowder waited for his master who would never return. Soon, the villagers came through looking for Ichabod. They found his body, but never his head. However, in the very back of the crowd, "Brom Bones" sat with an evil smile, holding Katrina to his side...

Happy Halloween everyone, and enjoy...until next time

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sleepy Hollow cont.
...As Ichabod rode out from the comfort of the lights on histrusty horse Gunpowder into the dark wood, he began to get a creeping feeling throughout his body. However, he rode on, thinking to himself 'There is nothing dangerous in these woods.' An owl hooted in the distance, a rodent scurried by his foot. Bats flew through the trees. Slowly, his thoughts turned to the legend of the Headless Horesman. The Horseman was supposedly a Hessian soldier who lost his head in some battle, and now rode searching for it. For the nonce, he replaced his head with an evilly glowing Jack-o-Lantern. It was said that his horse he rode was spawned from hell itself, snorting soot and ash, eyes glowing with inner flame. It was supposedly faster than any other horse alive, because it worried not of death, for it was dead. The Horseman hunted down his victims, caught them, and took their heads, looking for his. He never found it, so he kept looking for it on the heads of the living. Ichabod quickly turned his thoughts away from the Horseman, but could not shake the feeling that he was being followed. He turned around, but no one was there. He rode faster now, just wanting to leave and sleep for the night. About a mile into the ride, he noticed something. All of the animals had vanished, gone completley quite, as if, anticipating something. There were suddenly hoofbeats on the path behind Ichabod, and an unearthly light appeared out of nowhere. Immediatly, Ichabod spurred Gunpowder to a gallop. The Headless Horseman was no legend. It was real. And it was coming...for him......
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