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Just thought you all may like to know, I don't add friends just because you sign my guestbook. I add friends because they're friends, or ATLEAST because they're good acquaintances, or I keep up with your site/artwork. I am honored if you sign my book, and add me as a friend, but if you don't come back and act like a friend, or if I never hear from you again, what's the point? I've gone through recently and deleted a lot of "friends" off my list because I haven't heard from them in a while. Those of you who remain, thank you for all your kind comments, friendship, etc. Or atleast thanks for making nice art that I like to frequent ^^; If you wish to be on my friends list, there needs to be a better reason other than that you've signed my book =P

It's a friends list, not an allies list, y'know? I'll sign your gb back and we can be allies that way ;)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bleh... that last piece I submitted a day ago isn't getting nearly the attention it deserves for the amount of time, and effort I threw into it x.x; Of course it doesn't help either that 5 minutes after I submitted it, it was shoved back to like page 5 >.>;;

Hate when that happens...

So how is everyone's weekends going? I got to hang out with one of my friends last night that I haven't seen since I left work a month ago. I'm happy ^_^ I missed her hehe. I'm hoping to get together with her again before I go up to Calgary this friday o.o (I STILL can't believe it's less than a week away now! o.O;; )

As for "orochi" I think Sage asked me about it... Maybe it's not that one from Naruto then. She wants me to draw like this Japanese Hydra thingy; it's like some dragon with 8 heads and 8 tails o.O; I have NO idea how this one's gonna work, but okie... The full name, btw, is "yamata no orochi"

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hmm, I'm just thinking... there oughta be like some irc chat or something for all the otakuites here hehe. I think it'd be cool ^^ And if I knew how to host a chan, I'd probably set one up or something >.>; bleh...

But anyway, Brand new pretty pic up! Never ask me to do that much coloring again... NEVER! I spent two days and a box of pencils coloring that pic... By the time I was coloring the sky, I was so sick of coloring around the stars and it didn't blend very well as a result. I tried to blur the sky a bit in photoshop so it would look more blended, but it didn't turn out as I'd hoped... but whatevs. It's still a nice pic ^^ Vote! Comment!! Fav!!! ;) ;) jk but yeah...

I'm all excited for my trip coming up in a week.
Ooh, I also heard from a friend that the *ahem* bitch I used to work with at my last job may be leaving... everyone finally broke down and complained about her to the manager, so the manager's gonna have a little talk with her on monday I guess... We're all hoping she'll leave hehe... even though I don't work there anymore x.X;

But yeah, i gots ta run, so enjoy the pretty pics, and um... anyone with a DA profile leave me your names... anyone without one, go make a profile and leave me your names =P


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

   Back.... like the wind...
Omg, no I have not left!

Man I really have no excuse for not being here, I.. erm.. left.. my job, so I've had nothing important to do really. What have I been doing? Well, I played and complete Zelda: TP! With 70+ hours on it o.O; I've never put so much time into a Zelda game before... But damn, that game rocks! And that ending...

I'm mad at Midna!! Why on earth would she shatter the mirror?!? I thought she and Link were friends now... ;_;

Hmm, what else have I been doing... Okay okay, I did do a *little* drawing, but sadly, for as much time off as I have now, it's not nearly enough x.x; I dunno, I've been in a bit of a stump lately, artistically speaking. Like 75% of what I set out to draw turns out to be terrible, and is scrapped. I'm actually uploading one of them today that I felt was probably the most acceptable of this group. Not my better work though x.X;

So anyway, I also decided that since I have all this time off now, I was gonna take a trip to clear my mind and stuffs. So in a little over a week now, I'm headed up to Calgary, AB., to stay with a good friend I knew in highschool, as well as meet some good online friends I've known for many years now. From there, I will be headed straight over to NY to stay with my brothers for a week. I'm looking forward to it, I'm hoping to go skiing at some point, since I hear both places have excess in terms of snow! I can't wait to see winter at it's finest! ^_^ I miss it! ...Damn Floridian weather >.>;;

My best friend in NY is picking me up at the airport, and she said in return that I have to draw her a pic of Orochi o.O; I've never really heard of a 9-tailed dragon or whatever before, but I'll give it a shot ^^; I guess it's from Naruto-- she's a real Naruto freak, I'm really not XP So I guess I'm gonna have to dig up some pics on the internet as reference now... Well, we'll see how this one ends up now, on top of my pathetic drawing slump lately! x.X;

Uploaded a few new pieces, check em out.

PS. there are really only two pics in this cluster that I actually like, but I felt the others should be recognized XD

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