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HI FRIENDS! ello fellow otaku's! Im, as you see, Vashluver! My real name is Kat. ^_^ heheh i like anime and lots and lots of other stuff! well sign my guestbook and check out my stuffy! have fun friends! ^_^
sites!Cya ya'll round!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Well, apparently ill get off my lazy end of the rear and post.Havent posted in an eternity. Dont worry im not dead. Lazy, yes. Nothing really new...just started le school. Pretty cool i guess. I get to see all my friends of the happiness. How is everyone else? Nobody has really commented on my crapola, but i dont blame ya since i post once in a blue moon. Tsk tsk on me. Hope ya'll have a fantabulous week.
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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   for all my buddies
i am posting to let you all know that i am alive! TO RYUKI AND VASHSPIEGEL! they are awesome buddies and the deserve to know if im dead..but im not.. so many
projects.. but thats ok, cause its SPRING BREAK!! *runs around throwing her clothes off revealing a bathing suit* TIME TO PARTY TILL THE BREAK OF DAWN! YAY!! but if you want to talk to me, PM me, or just leave a comment thingy..or ask for my email! talk to you all later! *hugs Ryuki and Vashspiegel*

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

   IM BACK!!!!!
hey guys!! im finally going to update! i have been soooooo busy...stupid school......but besides that, how are all of you doing!? i really missed talking to you guys! *hugs* i really really really, hope that you are all doing great!! and ill try my best to coment and get around to talking to you guys!! well, i hope that you all have a great week, and wonderful weekend!! *hugs* I SWEAR THAT ILL TALK TO YOU ALL!!!!


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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

hey all, sorry havent been updating in a while, i was in a car accident and i kinda got banged up. oh well, enough about my problems, how are all of you guys? im also really sorry that i cant get to your sites, school, homework and all that other stuff. well i really haffta get going, again im really sorry i cant get around.....*whimpers* IM SO SORRRY! well, hope you all have a great week and all that jazz. ^_^ BYE
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Thursday, August 26, 2004

   This is pretty funny!
well, i had this very random idear for a Naruto "How to get fun little Ninja" well, just read it, its really funny!

How to get a kinky ninja.

Well,every girl wants a ninja, but when its kinky ninja, thats 100 times better! Well, first of all, ya need a ninja, a Genin or Jounin ninja will do just fine! Hmmm, these ninjas will do perfectly fine! *grabs, Kakashi,Sasuke, Naruto, and Rock Lee* People wont just know if their kinky ninjas just by looking at them, so ya hafta make them wear a name tag or something. *takes some piece's of wood and chains* This will do! *puts the pieces of wood and chain over their heads* All the ninjas will have a very wondering look on their faces, thats normal. The most important thing is to show them off. Take em to a public place, like the mall or something like that. *takes them to the mall* Now, every person will be totally jeleous of your kinky ninjas...but how are they kinky you ask? 3 words. (well thanks to Kakashi)

Icha Icha Parasdise. Well, if ya need any more advice on getting a kinky ninja, just ask! ^_^

talk to ya all later! *hugs* have a great weekend/Friday!

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