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Hiya! I am Vash the Stampede. Fear me! Okay, not really, but I do love Trigun Who doesnt?

Okay, so I'm setting some ground rules for you all.
Absolutely NO dissing of any anime on my site.
Do NOT diss my hot girlfriend, Eula Giffon.
And of course, Enjoy your stay!

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Well i really don't think anyone has been visiting me since i was gone for so long but i hope that someone is or else this is all kinda in vain lol but in case there is someone reading this there really isn't much goin on with me allthough i have been pretty depressed lately but i think that may be a story for another time but i've gotta go for now so i'll c ya *love and peace*-Vash
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Saturday, September 30, 2006

hey i'm not sure if anyone actually saw my last post but i'm somewhat back i'll be on as often as i can....as far as anything that has happened since i got back on here there hasn't been much of anything allthough i did get my level one license about a week ago...just one more year and i will beable to have a real life...well that's about it so i'll c ya guys later *love and peace*-Vash
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

kk i'm back i think sorry it's been so long but my camputer at home has completely burned out and i still havn't gotten a new one but right now i'm over at my grandma's so i can update there hasn't really been much goin on i am on my last day of drivers ed tonight i take the test and tomarrow if i pass i get my level one license so that should be good but right now i have to go cus i'm gonna be leaven soon for the class....i should be updating again sometime soon at least i hope i'll beable to so i'll c ya *love and peace*-Vash
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