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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Mood: Loved; Currently listening to: "Livin' On a Prayer" by Bon Jovi

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Hey guys. How is everyone?

Well, school started about a month or so ago. And its going ok so far. I've got easy classes this semester so I don't expect to to get too stressed this semester. I'm taking a Walking/Jogging course, a Ceramics class, and an Animation and Rendering course. The Ceramics class is the only class I actually need. The other ones are just so a can have a full schedule since the college I'm attending doesn't offer the other courses I need. Because of that, I'll be attending a different college in the Fall. But for now, I'm just chill-axin! ^^ I decided to take the Walking/Jogging just cuz I wanna get more fit and lost some weight. I just wanna be a healthier person but its hard when you live in a society where everything is about high-fat, big portion food and filled with lazy people. >_< But I'm doing my best. I've join WeightWatchers.com and subscribed to their magazine so I've got help there. I love the magazine cuz it has recipes, work-out ideas, as well as success stories from people who have lost weight on WW. It has other things too, in each issue, usually depending on the time of the year, like tips on staying on the plan during holiday seasons (where people (including me) tend to overeat). In a summer issue, they had grilling and BBQ recipes. Just stuff like that. ^^ I haven't lost anything yet, but I'll be trying.

World of Warcraft talk
Been playing WoW alot, of course. Just not as much since school has started. I usually only play on the weekend since I have school, work, and some housework during the week. Like, I do the laundry and straighten up our room on Mondays. My bf's not exactly a neat person (far from it, to be honest) and we have such a small room so it gets messy pretty quick. ^^; I'm not much of a neat person myself but I do try to stay organized the best I can. ^^ Anyways, back to WoW! How I trailed off the subject, I have no idea...but its kinda funny! XD Anywho, I've been doing raids with my hunter (Vankala) trying to get Marks of Honor for Alterac Valley so I get the Frostwolf Howler mount. Now, for those who just read that sentence and just went, "What the heck did she just say?", let me clarify. I'm trying to get a new mount (which is basically an animal you ride on in the game and it makes you go faster. At Lvl 30 you get a mount that lets you go 60% faster and at Lvl 60 you get one that lets you go 100% faster. There's also Flying Mounts but I'm not clear on the details and even though I can look it up on the site, it would be alot to type out here, so let's leave it at that for now.). The mount I'm trying to get is a special PvP (Player versus Player) mount that's only available if you do the Alterac Valley PvP raid. Basically what raids are (at least the Alterac Valley one, I'm not sure if there's different types or not), they're special areas in the game (which can only be entered through a Battlemaster) where a large group of Horde players fight a large group of Alliance players. (For the Horde! lol) When your side wins, you gain 3 Marks of Honor for whichever raid you're doing. You can use them to buy items like power-ups, weapons, armor, mounts, and some other stuff I can't think of at the top of my head. I'm trying to get the Frostwolf Howler from the Alterac Valley Raid, but I need 50 Marks of Honor. So far, I've got 41 Marks, so only 3 victories to go! XD Once I've got 50 I'll Lvl up to 60 (I'm really close to 60 so it won't take long to do that) and get some money from doing quest so I can pay for the training (yea, you have to pay for training, and its pretty expensive. DX) and then buy the mount. Then I can actually get back to actually playing. Not saying kicking Aliiance's butt isn't fun (cuz it is, lol) I just wanna get back to doing quests and exploring new places and learn more of the storyline. I've also made a couple new characters, Valanna (Blood Elf Rogue) and Valamun (Blood Elf Paladin). I've kinda gotten bored with my Mage (Vathiri) mostly cuz mages are really weak, and mostly rely on ranged attacks and ALOT of mana. Well, all Blood Elves, except for rogues, rely on magic. Hmm...now that I think about, that doesn't quite make sense since Blood Elves are pretty much addicted to magic. That's why they can't be Warriors. But why they can be Rogues, I have no idea...anyways. Yea, mages can be powerful but only from far away. At least hunters can be somewhat strong up close and they have help from a pet. But I'm keeping Vathiri cuz I gave her Alchemy profession so she can make some potions that my other characters may need. But I did delete my Undead Rogue (Valuna) just cuz I got bored being an undead. Just walking around all hunched over and yelling at myself "I don't have enough energy!!" Lol. Seriously, the undead talk like they're pissed off at everybody. Now, if I could look like Sylvannas, the Queen of the Undead who also used to be Blood Elf, I wouldn't mind, cuz she's actually really beautiful. Oooh, there's a quest that I've done a couple of my characters where you give her a necklace that you find and she starts to sing. And the song she sings is really pretty. I found a video of it on YouTube. Its not the actually cutscene that plays (there isn't really cutscene) but it shows her backstory of how she became undead.

Pretty, ne? Anyways, I've talked a whole lot about WoW today, so I think I'll give it a rest for right now.

Yesterday me and my bf celebrated our 9-month anniversary! Yayz! It honestly doesn't feel that long, and its hard to believe that in just 3 more months, we would be together for a whole year! Time has gone by so fast, but I'm not complaining. ^^ We're so happy together and there's not a better guy out there for me. XD I'm so happy, can you tell? Lol.

Food!...and laptops
Okay, I'm getting kinda hungry so I've gotta end this post for now, since I'm in the computer lab at school so I can't leave the computer unless I'm actually logging off. >_< And its getting kinda full so there probably won't be one avaiable when I get back. But I am looking at getting a laptop using my tax return money. :D The one I saw on the Best Buy website looks really good and has great reviews so I might get that one. ^^ And one good thing about it is it doesn't cost an arm and a leg like most good laptops, like those MacBook Pros. I really want one of those, but its way too expensive for me right now. Eventually I'll get one (or a better one) but right I'm going with what I get afford without being too cheap. ^^

Anyways, I do have to go now. I'll see you again soon! Byes! ^^

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