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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Torn Between
Subtle and Secretive,
Cold and Distant,
Suspicion will surely arise,
If only I had all the answers,
Why must I feel so confused,
My heart should not be torn between,
It belongs to neither,
For it is mine,
I do not want to share it with more than myself,
All was well 'til my good fortune turned to dust,
And the wind carried it away,
Away to a place I know nothing of,
So, I find myself to be alone in my thoughts,
Such wretched thoughts have I,
And yet, I crave for it all,
The thrill I receive from trusting my unguided emotions,
In the end I will reap what I sow,
As karma comes for me and burns me in place,
Burn me now, for I do not wish to go on as such,
Burn me alive for I am a witch at heart.

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