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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Depression x 2
Mood: Sorrow
Listening to: Hall om mig
Reading: Saiyuki Reload 7
Watching: Futurama
Playing: Free Cell
Eating: Nutty Bars
Drinking: Mountain Dew

Not too long ago, I lost my dog. A pomeranian. Like my cat, she had a tumor. Although, to begin with, hers was benign. Spikey's wasn't.

The weird thing is how suddenly Misha died...

We come home, she's fine and jumping around. Not 10 minutes later, she can't walk anymore. Her back legs stopped working. I guess she was numb at the bottom, because she couldn't control her bladder, either. And then she started howling, and it was terrible.

Well, my dad was gonna try to put her to sleep or something, and then he called my grandpa, so they were headed up to the vet, and I guess she just died on the way........

I know no one hear really cares about this stuff, but I'm just venting.

*^Blood, Rain, & Roses^*

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