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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

   Just dropping by to say hello

If anyone misses me or wishes to contact me then here are some sites i am linked to:

Gaiaonline- http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/Zombie Tacos

Myspace- http://www.myspace.com/rwarbabyrwar3

Hotmail- tmbilski@hotmail.com

Aim- Nimphetaminegrl@aim.com

Yahoo- dragonbreath_fire3526@yahoo.com

Facebook- Just search Teresa Bilski and add me :]

Bebo- Same as facebook.

Ok well i will miss you all, i would come on more often if only there were more people still on here, but no one comes here anymore, and plus its not as fun as gaiaonline, since you can hang out with your friends there and its just easier to meet new friends. :/ Bye.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

   I LOVE U RANDII and hey long time no talk xD

Hey everyone, im sorry i dont come on nemore but im on gaiaonline.com all the time now. so how has everyone been? here is the link to my gaia acc if yall want to talk:
or my msn:

well im doing great, not going to college YET but soon and trying to get a job n-n;;
also im going out with one of the best guys in the world, his name is Randii if u didnt notice and i love him so much. we have been going out since 01/17/09. tty al more l8r

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Sunday, September 21, 2008


well nobody ever reads mi posts anymore. it seems as if no one loves me anymore :( well, i really want to stay dedicated to this site, and if u really want me to stay then please comment mi posts. If u do, ill definetly get bak to ya and comment often on urs XD i might not be on the comp tomorrow cause i want to take a break from all this shit, its just to depressing and so much shit is happening and idk. Just need some time to think and have fun besides on the comp. Leave me love while im gone, ill get at ya XP


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Friday, September 19, 2008

   im really depressed and going down hill fast

dont really know whats going for me anymore, and i dont want to live, but i aint commitin suicide but still...i mean the guy i like, i told him i liked him and he said he only liked me as a friend, and i feel like im never gonna get a bf. i dont know whats wrong with me, and i feel stupid for even tellin him tht now, i mean idk i bet he likes someone else, i dont know why anyone would like me. i hate miself and i dont want to sound like im feelin sry for miself, well i am cause its mi life and it just fucking sux right now and i hate it. gawd, i dont know what to do really, im not good at gettin a bf, and i dont know if ill get one ever, which i know i prolly will but still. i mean i feel like im all alone, and no one really understands how i feel. well im done talking for one day, cause i dont really know what else to say since everything else is pretty much just as depressin as this. like i dont have a job yet, and i feel lazy and i feel like ppl think im a loser cause of tht maybe idk and i am not going to college yet, but i have found one that i might go to. well mi dad is a jerk and his gf is just as bad, but i dont like living here anymore, i want to leave this place forever and never come back, maybe live in the ocean. i want mi cat blue back too. i hope someone reads this post, itll make me a lil happier. well thats all for today ill try mi best to keep yall in touch with mi life.
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Friday, September 5, 2008

   hey everyone IM BACK!!

I am going to be on MyO more often, i promise this time, i just need some time fixing it up and also i need some time to do other things but ill work around all that. I hope everyone is haveing a great life, im sry im not on very much but u can pm me whenever u feel like it. check out mi myspace, i posted a new blog and i blog there whenever i feel most needed to do so or wutevr and maybe ull like mi myspace, plus i want more friends on there, but if u add me plz talk to me, dont just add me. well thats it for today cause its 1:39 am and i need to go to bed NOW lol i want to go to china town tomorrow XD well here is mi myspace:
l8r XD

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

new world

Hey everyone, i created a world, and its called Duzzy's World so just go to http://theotaku.com/worlds/duzzyyissl

check it out i will post on there from now on but sometimes i will post on here too but not as often. thanks l8r

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

hey ppl

IM SRY I havnt been on i miss you all sooooooo much lol did neone miss me? lol i will try so hard to inform everyone and otaku about mi life as much as i can even if its the smallest thing. life is pretty borin and depressing right now cause im living with mi bi polar dad and his pychotic gf but i love mi dad alot but its depressing here lol and i love anime and he doesnt understand why but thts ok he thinks hes smarter then me but in some ways im smarter then him. i think theres a perfect reason i love anime, because its awesome and its something i like, and its mi style, mi thing or wutevr else i just cant think of sry dad lol but wutevr. newayz enough bout me tell me bout yall??? will ppl comment nemore since i dont ever reply? its hard to be on here all the time because of it changing and mi bg hates me :( well i think im done writing for now ill write some more l8r and inform you on the rest of mi life. also i wanted to add tht i had to get rid of mi cat tiny :( i wish yall could see a pic of him but i only have them on me phone well ttyl
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Friday, June 6, 2008

I was wondering if somebody could help me with my wallpaper because it obviously doesnt like me. lol or something is wrong with my computer i dont know i already knew how to put a wallpaper onto your page but now this version vibrant i guess hates me or something....i dont know but thanks ppl. l8r.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

   hey ppl

i graduated yesterday XD and i was like omg so happy when i got that diploma in my hand XD lol its like omg woo hoo wooooooo. ok im ok but just really excited and everyones going to spoil me cause its my month, first graduation and then my birthday on the 22nd. well im so happy that two of yall commented i will reply as soon as i can. thanks a million and talk to yall later.
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

hey everyone

im sry i havnt been on in for ever it feels like lol but i have been busy with school and now im going to graduate on monday XD i wish some of yall would still come by my site and comment and i will try to get to yalls tomorrow if i can. i miss u all and i will try to be on here way more often then i was before but im not gonna dedicate mi life to this ok.
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