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Welcome! Mwahaha...

Welcome, feel free to look around, comment to my most recent posts, and, as always, sign my guestbook :). That last is required. So, mwahaha!

If you love the following characters--Ritsuka, Soubi, and Vincent Valentine--or, in real life... Jack Sparrow, wheee! Just PM me. I love these guys, and all fangirls know it's fun to have somebody to talk to this stuff with. Whee!!!

Well, that's about it... wait!

Okay, personality:

1. Weird.
2. Emo
3. Coke or Pepsi? Neither--Dr. Pepper
4. Graceful.
5. Friendly
6. A bit shy
7. Talkative
8. Musician
9. Wolf/portrait/anime artist.
13.Naturally weird.

And how I look:

1. 5'10"
2. 132
3. Thin
4. Shoulder-length hair that's reddish-brown
5. Green eyes that have yellow and blue just outside the pupil.
6. Size medium clothes
7. Freakishly long legs
8. Some freckles--but they're fadig as I am a teenager
9. Freshmen, like my brother--but I am a mature while my brother wasn't so he's in ninth grade, not tenth. Mwahaha...

Hmm... well, that's me! Come PM me if you want to join the Vincent FanClub!!! ~still under construction~

One last thing--Hajimemashite, yuujin. ...Atsui desa ne?

Well, of course it's hot. It's summer!

One more name you can call me, though--Hakumei. It means Twilight in Japanese. Told you that I'm learning it.

the emo that sounds too happy on the net...



Friday, September 14, 2007

Bad news, everyone. I have to leave the site. I don't know for how long, but for now, I will have to erase my myOtaku. It sucks, yes, but it's a problem I have to deal with. Just some computer issues. Um, I hope you guys remember me as Valentineismine...

I'm sad. But I will say hi on Rachel's profile, SnakeMasterGero. So, I won't be totally gone, but still...

I'll keep this up for a couple of weeks until I erase this totally. Sorry, people...

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sorry that I haven't been on. Busy weekend, and I have no time to get anything done. Ergh... *sighs*

Guess what I had to wear at the football game on Friday??? My WINTER uniform. Last game, Piqua, the other team... well, it's marching band wanted to make a good impression, so it wore its winter uniforms. Compared to our dinky summer uniforms, they looked professional. And it was like 70 degrees, so no problem for them. Whereas this Friday, it was ninety degrees, and we were wearing WOOL. Wool. Wool!!!!!!!!!! We just about died!!! I mean, come on, we have our shirt and shorts, and then the purple overalls, and then our dorky hats, with their dorky silver feathers that, instead of most bands where the feather kind of floats back, sticks straight up... Dorky!!!! Dorky, I tell you!!! And then, the worst: the jacket. It is pretty and purple, but I have narrow shoulders, and so the shoulders stuck out about three inches. Plus, it was too long, and the zipper went down, not up... I couldn't figure it out at all... It sucked. And it was really, really hot. We were burning up. It must have been like 100 degrees under our uniforms. And then someone spilled cappucino on my uniform, which cost about 600 dollars in total. WHAT THE CRAP!!!!!!! I wanted to kill them... and then Rachel's brother was there, and he was laughing at the band people because someone tripped over their uniform and fell down the stairs. That must have sucked o.O I feel bad for that poor kid that fell...

I actually fell down the stairs... like three days ago... and I'm pissed cuz I nearly broke a rib. I'm in pain. And I have a really big bruise. And I hurt my neck because I yanked it around too far. I'm still in pain... And it happened on Thursday. That would make it four days though, not three... who cares???

Okay, questions for today...

1. What did you eat for breakfast???
2. What is your favorite manga book???

My answers.

1. Two slices of pepperoni pizza from Donatos. Yum.
2. Uh... I dunno. I'd probably say Loveless 6 though, for all the yaoi goodness. Lol

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