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Hello all. Well I'm Jessie. My life motto is "Red means stop, Green means go, Yellow is risky." Meaning your live is like a road with lights. Pick witch lights to run throw and witch to stay put.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

   Tra la la
Well today was awesomely boring. I was asleep all day. -_- I did'et like that. Then mom and I watched POC 2 and that was fun. Really today was a tra la la day. ^_^ thats really all that happen today.
Last night tho was amazingly funny. Me and my friend Levi were watching The Covent. About a half and hour into the movie something...out of the norm happen. The Tv changed channel on it's own. Me and Levi looked at each other and we both thought the other changed the channel...but the remote was on the table in between us...EEEEEEE!!!!! makes me scared every time I think about it...Anyways yeah have fun watching The Covent.

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This is every day for me.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

   Hello star shine
Well here's what I did today. I did not get more then 2 hours of sleep. (thanks to V for Vendetta). I started watching it at one in the morning and I was not done with it till four thirty in the morning. I did get to sleep but I did'et think I would be going to school because are neighbors did'et get the keys to the house. So I wake up a lil and hear my aunt laughing. My thoughts were "wtf? why is Robyn here?" Well I went back to sleep and woke up to a pillow being thrown into my face. Anyways the rest of the morning was the same.
When I got to school I was BLAH! I did good in class but around lunch my tummy started to hurt. Well I went to the nurse and lets just say I missed the rest of classes today.
Well I'm bored now...Lets play a game. Who knows the meaning to being truely happy? (Now don't worrie there are no wrong answer's here). Well I'm good for now so here's an Icon for you all.

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I do. Thats why I don't remember.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

   A la mood
Well...I'm at a loss for words...OH! I have something to talk about now. Ok, ok, ok. Well this morning I got up for school and you know I was geting ready and mom said "You know you don't have to go to school." Well I missed school and all but there was a storm coming so I said "Yeah. Let's play safe." Well I was kinda bored...I started to play Kingdom Hearts 2 (I love the game but I'm stuck as of now). I almost beat the dang pirates. Well this went on for like 20 mins then i finaly gave up all together. Well I wont bore you any longer. BTW I'm going to put a new Icon at the end of every blog for now on. So enjoy.
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Yes they really are *evil cat grin*

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Well hello everyone. My, my, my I am very bored. Yes I need a life. Anyways anyone read Gravitation EX yet? I have and OMG I was crying. Yuki....so sad...but there's hope still. Anyways ummm... I have nothing better to do but blog, write, and play FF. Yes I like FF. Well...thats all...byes ^w^
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