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Hello everyone and welcome to my glorious otaku , I hope you all enjoy it.
Read of my tales as I followed my path. What shall my path bare; Glory, Or, Dishonour, We shall see.

Ok enough of that shit, Lol.

My name is ryan, im 15, and I hope you enjoyed my warped little intro. ^_^

Monday, February 14, 2005

Well I gave tiffany the shit, including the poem, and her reaction wasnt anything like I had hoped, she said she liked it, even after my damned sister and mom made a big fuss and CALLED HER N ASKED -___- ._. ah well, i hope she really DID like it, maybe she was just really suprised -sigh- iono, shell be coming over friday, see what happens then...later guys.
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Sunday, February 13, 2005


Erm, today I went to walmart and got tiffany a cute red teddy bear ^^ A card, a small box of chocolates, and...a bag to put it in XD. Hopefully im not going over board, which I sometimes tend to do x.x, as well I figured I'd right a small V-Day poem >.> Which, infact, ill do now ^^.

Later all.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Well, tonight at ..i think 6, im going to cross roads, though I dont really want to, I more or less have too...ugh...the only good thing is tiffany will be there at like 7:00-7:30, which is the only consilation really. Bad thing is, brittany will be there, and I hope. To. God. That there is no confrontation between the two, there like..enemys X_X;; Scary......find out what happens next time on Ryans Fucked Up Life!
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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Well, I went to the skating rink last night and eventually saw tiffany.

We didnt talk much, she was working (she works there if you couldnt guess) but, when it closed at like 9:30 i stood outside and waited for my dad to pick me up, and she came outside and we talked whilst I waited, and she waited (for my sister, who was coming with dad :P ) but yeah..

She said something that A: Caught me off gaurd. and B:Seemed a bit strange. She said that shes had a few fiances and always pulled out...x.x;; Obviously she pulled out <.< But why...Was it she just thought herself too young? (Yeah 17 is way too young..) Was it the guy? Iono, whatever the reason though, i hope it was good...cuz...I dont wanna be going into a relationship that is doomed to end if I wanna end up marrying her when she is old enough, Ive always looked to the future when in relationships, so this is kinda weird...Dunno what to do, hell I still like her...N still wanna get with her, but its just confusing...Meh...I suppose...that...Ill just think nothing of it, shes young, she can change her mind, and im glad she did, getting married so young would be horrible, normally...but, also gives me a shot >.> So yeah, we'll see what happens...I just really dont want my heart broken again...

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Hey guys, im gonna try n keep this post short because i have to go soon, so yeah ill just get on with it lol.

Basically I met this girl named tiffany, if I didnt mention it before. Met her at the skating rink and i found out she likes me, yadda yadda yadda, yeah i like her, lets continue.

I met her on ...last saturday, and now its...Tuesday, we havent talked too much, and...im shy around her, well..its not really that im shy, more like I dont wanna say sumin stupid so better to keep my mouth shut, more or less...Anyways, im going to see her tomorrow most likley at the skating rink, and again friday/saturday/sunday since shes spending the weekend at my house.

im a bit confused however, about how I feel about her, i might fall in love with her, I might not...She said she wants to be friends before anything, that way it wont be so awkward for amanda and her if we broke up, since they're new friends, I dont really understand it, but its fine by me, better to know her better then rushing into something and possibly hurting her, or vise versa.

Im hoping she can become more open, and I can aswell, ya know? I wanna have a good, open relationship with her, no matter what it is, friendship, or a romantic relationship, which is what I hope it comes to be.

Im gonna get her a cute red teddy bear that says 'happy valentines day'. Hope she likes it...And im debating on weither or not to get a card and write a poem..we'll see..

later all

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