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Yo, I'm Uzumakikitai, also known as UzK, Emily, or kitai, whichever tickles your fancy. I won't be as active as some other people on this site, but I'll try

My only rules:
1) Do not bug me about visiting your site!
2) no flaming

Sunday, January 20, 2008

All right and whatev
Yeah, I know you haven't seen me for the past number of months, but i'm still around.
I just couldn't get on the otaku due to the fact that everyone was always like "VISIT MY SITE!!!! VISIT MY SITE!!!!"

So excuse me for the brief rant:
I have way too much flipping homework to visit all your flipping sites!!!! I have nordic skiing practice right after school every day until 5:30 and then all my stupid homework shit after that. But for those of you who do have a deviantArt, you will notice that I was on there. Because no one is a bitch about commenting on their every thing there.

*phew* okay, i'm done. And I will still try to get my stuff up here as well as DeviantArt. But please be aware of the fact that I will NOT get to everyone's sites. If you're updated during the brief time each day that I am able to get on the computer, I will visit and try to comment, but the chances of my being on more than twice a day are zip. Unless I'm doing homework, but then I won't be on the otaku.

So scuse me for teh rant and tanks *attempts to bow and falls over*

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Well, that first layout didn't turn out so well, and I got the comment code screwed up too >-<
I think i'll just work with it gradually instead of trying to bomb it all at once.
I had my first day of Driver's ed today ^o^
Well, that's pretty much all i have to say

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