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Just an amateur anime artist...

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Tiny FAQ:

What do you use to color/draw?

Opencanvas and mouse. And that's all...

Do you do requests/commissions?

No requests, as I'm always busy, sorry. Commissions... I don't think anyone would want to pay for my art, would they...? No trades or contests either I simply don't have time..

I've seen your art on other sites!

Oh.. I've joined alot of sites, usually under the username Sakura (or something like that), or Cotton. If you think someone stole my stuff feel free to message me. (my stuff does get stolen alot for some reason...)

How long were you drawing for?

Since oct. 2003.. that's also the same time I came across such a thing as 'anime' and also the same amount of time I was CGing. I'd say I didn't get to an even mediocre skill level til july 04, though...

What's your fave anime?

I don't watch anime. Merely draw it.

Can I use this pic you drew for -fill in here- ?

Maybe... ask me first.