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Thursday, June 5, 2008

HI everybody
What's up? escuse me for the late.

So what type of manga you read actually?
Actually I watch regularly some Asian films.
One of the movies that I liked a lot it's BATTLE ROYAL.
Do you know this movie? if you saw this movie give me your opinion si if u d'ont know this movie.
It's a Japanese movie.
It's the story of a class of pupils which is kidnapped by a mysterious army.
They arrive on an island.
A person explains them that they have to kill their friends to survive.
The pupils don't believe that and the army pulls fires shots to show them that it's true.
Each pupils have a magnetic necklace around his neck .
The teenagers have a delay of three days with at the end one survivor.
They give them weapons and food.
What I like with this movie it's that makes us reflect.
It also questions of the Japanese school system which privileges the success of the pupils with regard to human relationships as friendship, love..
This movie is brilliant. Every character is different.
The central question of the movie is " Could you kill your best friend? "
It's necessary to answer this question according to the context of the movie.

battle royal

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