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Okies everyone, PG rated site please!! No vulgarity, no swearing and no....other stuff that's not rated PG. Thank You.

I love you guys so remember:

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


By the little title you may think i'm violent but i'm not violent i'm full of joy and exceptance except for these three retarded girls in my gym class that are buggin the freaking crap outa me! Ah i'm so angry cause they are so retarded and just keep on staring at me when i'm dressing so i seriously think they are like morons or something and one of them slapped me but this one girl in there held me back from freakin punching her out! AHHHHHHHHH THE RAGE IS BOTTLING UP INSIDE ME but its ok cause today i stuck a pad -its a girl thing- on one of thier lockers and they totally got ticked and i'll write to you later cause i gotta get off the computer!

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Monday, October 8, 2007

I love WICKED!

Do any of you guys know the play/musical Wicked? Its like the life of the withches and wizards in the wizard of oz and i am totally in love with it! I acctually haven't seen it yet but i love all the music and i've watched some videos on youtube but i seriously want to see it so bad! So if anyone has an extra ticket or two, you could take me and KK we would love you forever and you would be like our soul saver cause we're like totally dying with how much we wanna see it! I love you guys! PM me anytime cause i love to talk to people!

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Friday, April 6, 2007


Dangit...last tuesday i got my braces on and my teeth don't even look that bad...maybe! I got braces on the top and on the bottom but thankfully i only have to keep them on for a year and a half! ^.^ One good thing came out of it>>> my mom let me go get a haircut and an eybrow wax, now my braces don't even look that bad on me! I got really bad colors though; black on the bottom and light blue on the top! :B I look like a bucktooth freak!
Anyways i haven't been on here in the longest time... not cause i don't have any time but because i'm having alot of fun in real life! Boys are really dumb though...and for all those Utah people out there, i got a Lagoon season pass! Y.Y
Woot! ^.^

Here are some questions:

1. Are you on Spring Break this week?
2. If so what are you doing...If not whats up in school?
3. What is my middle name?
4. Are you a leader or a follower in your group of friends?

Thanks everyone....
Usagi Otome

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