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Thursday, February 21, 2013

So today I realized how incredibly sick I'm getting with the dreams that came to visit me tonight. First my life turned into marching which absolutely hate and couldn't march in the dream anyways because I was too sick and couldn't keep up. My body was too slow and weak to move in their quick pace. Plus, I was out of the line which would've never been good marching. Next, it seemed like a concert was about to begin so I ran inside the "school" which we happened to be marching through, this was what a appeared a high school with random students with headphones on sweeping outside. Interestingly enough, I offered them to listen to our music and they ignored me because they couldn't hear me. I ran inside, I offered a kid five dollars for a baritone which he took and then he handed me my money and said I could just have his instrument. I went back where we played "Air" by bach. Which I confidently smiled and said that I had played that solo a long time ago. In those few minutes I heard the most beautiful arrangement of "Air" and I wish I could write it down on paper. In those few seconds I enamored a doll and destroyed her love for me because of her conditional love as I said that R.L. Turner was a terrible speech giver.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

I have always dreamed,
Of the twisted faces,
speaking, screaming,
deafening sounds into my ears,
that I was the same,
the fucking same as all the shit,

"you're the fucking young man with all the illusion and fervor!"
So for days, I screamed, "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!"

So they laughed, the choked from their laughs,
Damned twisted crooked faces,
Their breath, smelled like mint.

Saw my work and threw it on my table,
"this is shit!"
Threw my opinion on my table and they said:
"this is shit!"

This time I took a knee, this time,
I was a gallant.

My hands trembled from the fervor, from my youth,
so I embraced the vibrations, the pulsating beat of my heart.

I bled, my sweat blanketed me, the steam, of smoke,
evaporated my soul. So lifted, I began to lose the floor under me,
I was rising from this fucking block, my fears escaping.

And from my vantage above I saw, the maze.
Hell's maze where my humanity was lost, and here I was,
Finding again. at the end.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

They say not to leave some kind of trail
they say that those fools will always come back
to the scene leaving paths from pacing
pacing back and forth from the origin of sin

yet, I am not afraid.
Let them get to the end of the path,
there is nothing at the end.

This heist will show that the tracks were actually backwards,
the beginning is actually the end of the faults and mistakes.

She is my tool,
and the world is my mine.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Who really wants to change the world?
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

I have completed My book
Basically, my book is all of my work edited and made for you to read. Of course, before this page goes away forever.
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