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i rock the builing with my skills in hi jump that i'm capt.and we win & medals total and counting

Thursday, February 28, 2008

this is urcat , and this is my life in a nutshell

...::About Me::...<3
Full Name:cherice
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:black,brown
Height:5'5 average height
Shoe Size:8.5
Ring Size:7
Heritage:irish, black, indian(from india) and spanish
Graduating Year:2008
Birthdate:june 30
Zodiac Sign:cancer
Concert:chirstian chruch concert
Best Friend:jasmine
Crush:gio castillo, freshyear of high school till now
Pet:blacky,my black and white bunny>.<
...::Have You Ever::...<3
Sky Dived:no
Bungee Jumped:no
Gone out of the Country:yea, trinidad and tobago,Grenada
Beaten Someone Up:yea, when i was in 2nd grade
Gotten Beat Up:no
Killed an Animal:NO
Swam in the Ocean:yea
Broke the Law:noo
Chewed Tobacco:no
Been Kissed:no
Been In Love:yea, many times
Dumped Someone:no
Been Dumped:no
Broken Someone's heart:yea, in 3rd grade
Had Your Heart Broken:yea,very little thought
Liked Someone Who Didn't Like You Back:yea, many boys i told that i like them
Broken A Bone:no
Had Surgery:not yet
Had an X-ray or MRI:yea
Failed a Class:yea,senior year of high school, math
Food:all cooked good food
Drink:ice blue Gatorade, water
Cereal:honey-brunch-of-oats, mmmmm
Ice Cream:cookie an cream and cookiedough
Candy:alll chocolate
Restaurant:i don't know
Fast Food Place:none
Store:i don't know
Animal:All animals , exspeacially cheetahs
Quote:"If you had wings like a bird, and fly away" the bible i think
Sport To Play:volleyball
Sport To Watch:alll but golf
Movie:i don't know
TV Show:ugly betty
Type Of Music:all
Song:crush,crush,crush by paramore
Pepsi or Coke:coke
Vanilla or Chocolate:both
Cake or Ice Cream:both
McDonalds or Burger King:none i don't eat either
Love or Money:love
Music or TV:music
Cat or Dog:both
Mom or Dad:mom
Truck or Car:truck
Ocean or Lake:ocean, no bounders
Yahoo or Hotmail:both
Google or AJ:google
Light or Dark:dark
Country or City:city
Rain or Sunshine:rain
...::The Opposite Sex::...<3
First Thing You Notice:looks
Personality or Looks:both
Hair Color:any
Eye Color:any
Short or Tall:tall
Romanic or Spontaneous:both
Sense of Humor or Sweet:both
Hook up or Relationship:relationship
Listening To:brittney spears- break the ice (funny, because i don't like her to well)
Wanna:a kiss T.T
Doing Besides Typing:listening to music,
Thinking About:thinking for having dating
Wearing:green top and blue pants
In Love:no one for now
Single:YEA, i wish i wasn't
Best Friends:jenny,kitty,frank,bobby,rob,steph,jon,lynette,ashley,twins:gabi and dani,and all the other people i know, but forgot their names
...::The Future::...<3
Kids:nooooooo, maybe

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