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...hi, i'm anna,pronounced on-a. i love hellsing and have pretty much built my life around anime...my best friends are snowchan13 and thanatosx33,actually he's my boyfriend :),and i also like; ghost in the shell,naruto, samurai champloo,trigun,full metal alchemist,cowboy bebop,wolf's rain,fooly cooly,neon genesis evangelion...and that's all i can think of,...i also worship final fantasy 7:advent children :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

   ....really bad eggs
um...hello? uh...i thought i would let you guys know...that i have decided to end my life...
naw, not really, but i had you going there for a minute! lol! okay, i'm back for a second time...wow, i'm like mountain dew: live wire. teehee. which coincidentaly gives me horrible stomach cramps...it hurts thinking about it...okay since vince and josh are the only ones who might possibly read this, i guess i'll end the suffering...even though i activly promote and support suffering. and a... josh, call me once in a while,okay? preferably in between like 4-7 in the evening...when i actually have the proverbial "freetime". i have to go....farewell.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

   I'M BACK!!!!
hello friends!!! i'm baaack! today is july 29! sooo if any body wants to talk, let me know!,...i'll be back in school aug 10th and then i can talk more! bye!
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

   add a post
i thought i would add another post, since the last one was such a hit. today is the day after thanatosx33's and my 2-month anniversery, and he is here today, WOO-HOO!! i'm very HAPPY! -yes, i said i was happy!...i might get repremanded for that later... today i am going to go down and work with august, my colt,... i might actually acomplish something today, but it's not likely, i have to work with him on being given a bath...he doen't like being sprayed...but he will, soon :)
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

   2 month anniversery
today is thanatosx33's and my 2 month anniversery, and i am very happy he could put up with me for that long. he is at a dentists appointment today...i miss him...
i thought i would announce that to the world!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

i have wonderful news, as an early birthday present... my parents decided to get me a horse! HE IS ADORABLE! - in a manly way...
he is an 8 month old rocky mountain quarter horse colt, he is a gorgeous sorrel color, AND IS ALL MINE!!!! MUAH HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!... he was at an auction, and was going to end up with the killers; -apparently american horse meat is in high demand overseas. anyways, and my good pal becky saved him...and now he has me :) he's so young, i can't wait to see how he turns out.
if you live in indiana or kentucky, or even ohio; you should check out the indiana horse rescues, there are 3 facilities around the state; www.indianahorserescue.com -it's easier to look up on google :) I FINALLY HAVE A HORSE!!!!!

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