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In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

My cat is crawling into the Wii box
It's been a really long time since I've updated. My friend updated so I thought it was about time I did too.

My biggest news: I finally got a Wii. Yes it's a stupid name but oh how I love it. Although my shoulder now hurts like none other.

My excuse for not updating, too much anime and manga. The local waldenbooks went out of business so I went on a little shopping spree. More manga than you can shake a stick at. Then I bought way too much anime on rightstuf.com It might not have been reallly necissary but I still enjoy my new series.

The final excuse is I broke my labtop charger wire. Yes, it's a lame exuse because there is only three other computers in this household. But I did electrocute myself, that should be worth something.

There we have just all recieved a brief summary of my boring life but at least it's over now. Relativly painless, no?

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

My last day of freedom
School starts for me tomorrow. Junior year sounds less and less exciting to me the more I hear about it. The good news is I have a three day weekend immediatly following the first day of school, either that or my schedule has changed for the first time in years and I'm actually going to school on Labor day. Somehow I doubt tradition has changed.

Personally I'm loathing going back to school but I do love my morning classes.
1- Journalism
2- English
3- Photography and Communications
4- Creative Writing

I've definitly got a theme in the moring. For those who don't know english is one of my favorite classes. I love writing and journalism is a great passion of mine. I also wanted Speech but they weren't offering because of a lack of interest. Come on what is better than standing up in a crowded classroom and talking for five minutes straight?

My favorite speech was the personal narrative. I sort of forgot we were giving speeches so my personal narrative told a very recent story. It was about the time I procrastinated so much that I completly forgot to write a speech. I went on to describe the faces of the class who heard this speech and I pretty much babbled but my class found it very entertaining. The end of the speech was something about how I hoped that my personal narrative would have A (yes I mean the grade) happy ending. Needless to say I did indeed recieve my A. The good news was my speech about my lack of having a speech went over very well and that teacher is also my teacher for creative writing.

So what is everyone elses worst/best speech story. I know you have to have some sort of story. Although everyone doesn't enjoy speeches as much as me I know you all had to give them.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Now I feel really special
During the summer I volunteered at the local library and I just got a thank you card that, well, thanked me for all my hard work. Apparently 25.5 hours was the most anyone volunteered, that was me, and I feel happy yet sad. Sure I helped a lot of people but that is over one full day of my life I won't be getting back. Although if you compare that time to the amount of time I spend on youtube and fanfiction.net it was barely any of my life. I'll admit I've probalby worsened my already poor eyesight but reading to much fanfiction. It's just so addictive and cheaper than books.

Let's see other news. Oh, I went to my trainer and she checked on my leg. I will hopefully be good to go by next Tueday so I'm really excited. I'm really sick of just sitting around elevating my leg.

I also just finished an article for our local paper. However one of the editors/writers wants me to contact the coach for more info. Lets just say the coach really doesn't like talking to me for articles. She likes to take her time to think. So somehow I'm going to be quoted in my own article to replace the fact that I didn't talk to the coach. I'm breaking one of the big rules of journalism by quoting myself. At least I didn't have to make up a quote like some people I know.

Wow yet another overly long and somewhat boring post. Oh well it's over now so the villagers may rejoice! And rejoice they did.

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