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Friday, April 17, 2009

Yaoi makes the world go round

So, I'v realized I haven't written on here for a long time now. I seriously blame Blizzard and their highly addictive game XD

At the moment I'm downloading a patch for that game and with the shitty dial up I have I can't play. That is the reason I'm here >.>

BUT I will try my best to get on here as often as I can :(

Omg. This is annoying. I've had the URGE to write a fanfic for the LONGEST time. I just can't seem to get a plot going. It's soooooooo annoying!

I want to write a Seiner(for those of you not familiar, it's Seifer/Hayner).

I believe this pairing is an awesome one! They just don't get enough air time D:

Out of ALL the fanfics I've started I've only finished one :/ It was a Oneshot and a kinda songfic...

And it was my first and only one with a character death! D:!!

Anywhoo. I seem to be rambling XD

If anyone reads this, give me ideas! PLLLLEASE! I so desperately want to write a Seiner it's.... it's.... I just wanna write a Seiner! ;__;

Anywhoo. I'm off to read some steamy AkuRoku *nose bleed*

Take Care! :D

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