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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dearly beloved we gather here to say HELLO!!! I'm back y'all! Boot camp wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. yes i understand my last post had nothing to do with boot camp or me possibly being in boot camp, BUT I'M BACK!!! I rather enjoy my career choice. I can only say this for now, will add to post later, have a medical check up. I MISS YOU MY BELOVEDS!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008


okay, i know nobody really comes on anymore, but whatever. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!! i may not visit the site like I used to but I won't stop coming. i'm staying and when people ask for my blog site, THIS IS IT! i'm boycotting MySpace and FaceBook forever. LONG LIVE MYO!!!!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yet again I don't keep my promise to fill you guys in on whats happening. Well I have a sun burn on my ass and it's peeling like crazy. Random: How the fuck did you get a sunburn on your ass? Kuro: by painting grout between bricks and figuring that my shirt wouldn't ride up because when i stand the shirt reaches the bottom of my ass. I was wrong. Fuck dude. Nobody's on any more. But I won't give up. I'm going to spend all day zippin around myO for people to talk to. I still fight the mySpace and Facebook. Haha.

Lestat: why do you fight it?
Kuro: because, I find anything that is mentioned around the world as a pain-in-the-ass presence is typically blocked from work/school computers and I'm to lazy to hackz the system anymore.
Lestat: MyO was blocked from Elmwood.
Kuro: completely different story. That one was easily solved, but by the time i got through the system the damn teach knew what to look for.
Lestat: uh-huh. admit it, you can't hack anymore you lost your touch.
Kuro: *pouts* it's not my fault i don't see the need to use it that often.
Lestat: *hugs Kuro* you can still fix computers but give up on hacking anyones system, you've been out of the loop too long. besides your boys want to play with mommy.
Kuro: *suspicious glare* what do you mean? they always want to 'play' with you...where do you want to go?
Lestat: *coughs* umm...no where...
Kuro: *sigh* fine go. but come back soon. I hated it when Yoko would leave for days at a time, I'd kill you if you did that now.
Lestat: It's not like that!
Kuro: Ja'ne beloveds. I'll be back asap.

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