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Oh hello there! Yes, I know I haven't been the best Otakuite and I haven't been on the site for maybe a 100 years, but I'm willing to change! Become a NEW WOMAN! *raises chin proudly* So I will improve on my art as well, because the ones I've done are probably from a year ago *not to mention, they SUCK* So myeh I'll update my page. And things'll get better!


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My recent obsession has been Amy Lee and the crew, Evanescence. Yup. I'm not normally a goth chic, but I do love the Victorian style and the magic of Amy Lee's voice. It just makes me feel so.. fuzzy and warm. And even if they seem emo.. well let's just say emo means "deep in thought.."

Before you go, take a look at my suckish art. And also, please comment. I'd rather have a 100 comments and zero votes than vice versa.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

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