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Hi guys,Im an aspiring animator,and would like to share my ideas with other animators or guys and gals who are into anime.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

   My bad
I accidentally spelled "something" wrong,accidentally!,I can spell.
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   Somethig or other
Hi ppl,ok this is now my second official post,and I don't know what to say at the moment,so give me a minute to think of something witty and clever.........um sorry can't think of anything clever to say.So anyway if anyone has a suggestion of what I can talk about,give me a sign,o and check out my portfolio.And if you see a pic you like please vote for it,and comment,comments are always good.So vote,vote,vooote.No seriously just vote for it and something good will happen....Like what you may ask?You just going to have to wait and find out
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   First real post
Hi there guys,thanks for visiting my site,I know it's not as good as others but maybe you guys can tell me how to make my site better.But anyway let me see what I can tell you.I am currently a 2nd year animation student so if their is anything you want to know about animation just ask and when I say animation I mean any form of animation,2d,3d,stop motion evens.Or even if there is something that you can tell me about animation.So anyway Im currently working on a stop motion project,so if you wanna know more about it,just ask.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   seeking friends
Anyone want to talk? I'd like some feedback on my drawings,common people thats not alot to ask.
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