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Hello!I really don't like to draw online because I was harrased once.But anyway I do have some talent and I learned from my brothers.But I love manga espessily Naruto.I also like Akira,Neon genisis Evangelion,Sand Land,Shaman King,etc.But please if your going to sign my guest book don't worry what you ask.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

   I wish I had a girlfriend!!!!!!
I really have no one to talk to about anything anyore! But my chances of finding a girl are 0 to 1. I am an anime freak and a video game nut, and girls around here hate that. So i'm basicly screwed outta that.

I think i'm gonna go play my new video game Unreal II now.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

   I'm happy
Well Saturday I rented Tony Hawk's Underground 2,and it's a relly good game.At first,the skater you make is skating in a half pipe in New Jersy with people watching.Then this black van pullls up and you hit yourself really hard on it.You get knocked out.Then to guys in black coats and hocky masks come out and throw you in the van.The next thing you know you're in a room with other skaters.Oh and just so you know,you have to play the first Underground to know who some of the characters are.But anyways,one of the guys walks up with a chainsaw and starts waving it around.Then he points it at Eric Koston.Then he turns around and points it at Eric Sparrow and tells him basicly that he's gonna kill him.Eric screams like a girl and then the guy takes off his mask and the guy turns out to be Bam Margera.Eric wets his pants.The game is pretty fun and it's easy to beat.My brother beat it in two days and i'm very close to beating it.It's really fun.
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Thursday, August 12, 2004

   Jet Grind Radio comic
Right now I'm in the process of making another comic.Based of the video game Jet grind radio.I'll have alot of the same characters and some new one's.If you haven't heard of this game,here's some stuff about it.

The first game,Jet grind radio,was a game for the sega dreamcast.It was actully a good game.You play as the character Beat the leader of the gang the GG's.Your on roller blades while you go and spray paint your turf.There are rival gangs (the noise tanks,poison jam,the love shockers.)And then comes the rokkaku construction group,making this so called "21st century project" strong armed by captain onishima (I'll explain about him later)and the project is so they can get a closer grip on the city.Sorry if I get anything wrong because my dreamcast broke so I haven't played it in a while.You basicly have to take out the other gangs (also without dying or losing a battle against the rokkaku police.) But anyway,captain onishima is a crazy guy with the rokkaku group.Watch out when he gets angry 'cus he'll start shooting ruber bullets.

The second game Jet set radio future,was for the XBOX.It came out around 2002.It's basicly a twist of the other game but with some different characters.

My comic's gonna twist them both together and it's gonna have a kind of a differnt plot.

I"m making it right now but I'm only on chapter 1.(I don't know how many chapters are gonna be in this thing.)Ok,later!

Comments and suggestions are welcome (along with questions).

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

.hack is tons of things.DVDs and a manga and a TV show and 4 video games and a card game.The TV series is called .hack//sign,the manga is called .hack//the legend of the twighlight,the vidogames are called .hack//infection,
.hack//mutation,.hack//outbreak and .hack//quarintine (correct me if i'm wrong).The DVDs are called .hack//limanality and the card game is called .hack//enemy.Has anyone seen or even HEARD of this stuff?

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

I left my skateboard in my aunt's car trunk so I can't skateboard!I also want to watch FLCL again!
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