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This song I can relate too very much so everything you wanna know about me is in this song..

Friday, September 8, 2006

Sasuke's Survey
This is what Sasuke's survey look like Lol

This Is My Life Story by maemae89
Simple Things
Name: Sasuke
Nick Name: Soy
Birthday: July 24
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Age: 13
Birth Place: Konoha
Current Location: Leaf Vilage
Weight: 43.5 kg
Height: 153.2 cm
Eye Color: Black(red when using Sharingan)
Hair Color: Black
Heritage: Unknown
Your Weakness: Not telling
Your Fears: Not telling
Your Best Physical Feature: . . .
Are You Named After A Family Member: No
Wats They Name: No
Do You Have Long Or Short Hair: Short
Number Of Tattoos: None
Number Of Piecrings: None
Number Of Golds: None??
Wat Were The Last Pair Of Shoes You Wored: Huh?
Wat Was The Last Clothin You Wored: Black shorts with a black shirt
Favorite Things
Movie: None
TV Show: None
Music: None
Song: None
R&B Singer: None
R&B Group: None
Rapper: Whats a Rapper?
Rap Group: None
Food: Dumplings and Tomates
Fruit: None
Drink: Water
Juice: None
Restuarant: None
Color: Black
Car: Whats a care??
Shoes: dont care
Clothin: Shorts and shirt with my symbol
Book: None
Subject: Jutus class
Sport: Fighting
Candy: chocolate 0_o
School: Konoha Academy
Place: Home
Actor: None
Actress: None
Athlete: None
Number: dont care
Phrase: "Loser"
Hair Style: I have my ways
Body Spray: ??WTF
Character: None
Random Things
Do You Smoke: None
Do You Drink: None
Do You Deal Wit Drugs: None
Do You Swear: ...alitte
Do You Shower Daily: yes
Do You Get Alone Wit You Parents: My parents are dead
Are You Playin On Goin To College: whats that?
Wat Do You Want To Major In: KILLIN MY BROTHER!!
Where Do You Wanna Live Now: I dont care
You Most Missed Memory: ...nothing
Wat Grade Are You In: Chunnin
Current School You Attend: Unknown
Wat Programs Do You Take At Your School: I finished the academy
Do You Want To Get Marrried: No
Do You Want Kids: No
Do You Like Someone: ......No
Wats They Name: no one.......
Have You Ever Kissed Or Hugged Someone: ...ummm...
Who Was The Last Person You Kissed Or Hugged: I dont want to answer...
Who Was The Last Person You Texted: ??
Who Was The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone: I dont have a phone
Wat Was The Last Game You Played: Nothing
Wat Was The Last Sport You Played: Nothing
Wat Was The Last Thing You Ate: today
Wat Was The Last Movie You Watched: None
Number Of Siblings: 1.....
Number Of Nieces And Nephews: No one
Do You Speak Any Language And Wat Are They: English and Japanese
Have You Ever Been In A Fight: All the time
Have You Ever Been Suspened Or Kicked Off The Bus: No
Do You Like Thunderstorms: Yes
Do You Own A Cell Phone: No
Wat Kind Of Phone Do You Have: NOTHING!
Wat You Like In A Boy Or Girl
Height: Dont know
Weight: Dont know
Eyes Color: Dont care
Hair Color: dont care
Body Type: 0_o
Looks Or Personality: Personality
Worker Or No Worker: Worker
Long Or Short Hair: Dont care
Smoker Or Drinker: Dont care
Smell: . . .
Style: Likes fighting
Tattoos: None
Piecrings: None
Golds: None
Number Of Things You Will Regret: Nothing
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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Oh...I love crazy dudes (this doesnt mean I gave up on Sasuke!)
NarutoFever.com Naruto Love Compatibility Test

Naruto Network Character Test!

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Everybody be happy cause today July 23,2006 is Sasuke Uchiha's birthday!How do I know this cause I luv him(BACK AWAY FAN GIRLS AND SAKURA SASUKE IS MINE)I am gonna make a cake for him so bye bye!
*insert evil laugh here*
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