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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who's my next victium???
My beautiful victums. i'm here looking for something or someone to feed on...... i'm not too hungry right now, so yeah, i'll last a fewe more days before i get really hungry and attack the first person i see. It's been really cloudy which is good for me, means less head aches. I guess i'll be back later, i'm going to try and find some new victiums.... later.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

   well this vamp is failing.
i'm failing my college classes, and it suck, i need to quit letting this new guy in my life distract me from my home work. lol, it's my won fault, so now i gots to do my work, as much as i like him, he doesn't have to worry about school he 22 so yeah, he just has to work, so i need to get school on track and in way better condition. so yeah, any tips???
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

My vampire lover....
he's human, and he claims to love me. I want him, i need him, i can almost hear his pulse beat. He's perfect. but i can't take his blood yet, not until i've fed on another willing human, i don't want something bad to happen, i have to becareful. I don't know what to do ne more. I've chosen the person and he's agreed to it, but i'm scared. I don't know if i should take another males blood, maybe i should do a females???? HELP ME
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am offically a vampire.
i have 97 % of those things lol and i really do like the taste of blood, well my own blood cuz that's all i've have. i'll stick to cows though. promise. i dont want to damn anyone. lol i'm happy though. now. so if u want to become a vamp with me, just let me know. pm me kk love yah. until next time. sleep with your eyes open....jk
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Simptons of Vampireism...
check out what i found...

You might be a vampire if...
* You have a strong desire for and/or Stimulation by blood (sexual, revitalizing or otherwise)
* You have a nameless craving that can never quite be fulfilled
* People you get close to tend to become tired, weary and upset a lot around you
* People tend to find you interesting at first, then begin to avoid you
* Even when surrounded by others, you always feel alone
* Sunlight/bright light in general hurts your eyes (but you can go out in it, even so)
* You tend to be a night person by nature (because you may feel more comfortable and "alive" at this time)
* You have had a strong interest in vampires(in any aspect of the genre) probably since puberty onwards
* You have had a strong interest in vampires since a traumatic event occured in your life
* You don't get sick often, or if you do, the maladies are often strange or severe
* You are a fast healer
* Sex tends to leave you feeling revitalized and full of energy
* You have drank blood before or would like to, if you could
* You enjoy imbibing sexual fluids because of the vitality they contain
* Electrical appliances and you don't generally tend to get along well (watches stop often, computers malfunction for no reason, microwaves start up by themselves, etc)
* You prefer rich fabrics, tastes, scents etc.
* You are very sensitive to sensory extremes (strong scents, rough textures, sour tastes,etc)
* You feel totally different on some elemental,intuitive level to most other human beings
* You feel you don't belong in this century, maybe even this world
* You believe in reincarnation and maybe even have had past life visions
* Your dreams are often extremely vivid and sometimes result in cases of deja vu
* You easily "trance out" or find yourself detached from the world
* You posess an ability similar to ESP (or are highly intuitive in general)
* People often find you very empathetic to how they feel
* People often either trust you completely or think you are very dangerous.
* Your style of clothing tends to be more on the dramatic side
* Your relationships tend to be very rocky and emotionally unstable
* Your relationships tend to be very intense and passionate
* People tell you that you are too intense/an "enigma"/"dark hole"/add similar phrase here
* You look younger than you are (when you're beyond twenty years of age) or look older than you are (when you are younger than 20 yrs of age)
* You can see and/or read auras
* Animals tend to get along well with you
* You have good, natural "magickal" abilities (if you do spells, etc, usually they work)
* You have only one or two friends/lovers who really understand you and whom you get along with
* When you will things to happen, they usually do
* You can often easily tell how other people are feeling
* You feel sick/get rashes/etc in the daytime when the sun is shining
* (you're a woman) Your period starts late in the day and your cycle is usually timed to the full moon
* You suffer from allergies

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   If your lover was a Vampire....
If your lover was Vampire, and you knew that without a doubt you would love this person, do or be anything for this person and all they asked you for was to spend the rest of eternity with them would you?

I would have to say....


LOL let me know what you think?

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I so wish that that I could be a vampire. I would be beautiful, sexy, scary, wanted. itd be amazing. Just a another dream to add the book right? What about you guys, what's your vamp dream...
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