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Ok, well, iv had this account for a little while, but with how busy I am I don't update it a lot, lol, but i at least try to take a quick look -at my messages.

I'm 20 years old and im going to say right now, i got A LOT of animals. lol heres the list:

-18 dogs
-6 cats
-11 ferrets
-10 rabbits (Not counting 5 babies)
-1 gunie pig
-10 hamsters
-4 gerbls
-2 doves
-1 corn snake.
.....take a min, let it all sink in....breath...ok, i think you'll be ok. lol
-Note: Many of the dogs, ferrets, and all the cats are rescues.

My life is hectic, but its fun, never a dull moment.

Well any questions, comments, or just wana chat, I'm here so drop a message!!!