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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yay! Survey!

What do you do?
I Live::in a black hole surrounded by an uncalming evil
I Work::in my room
I Talk::Like a kid who just had too much sugar on halloween night. ^^
I Wish::That love would find me
I Enjoy::writing, drawing, reading, and poking things with sporks
I Look::like nothing special
I Find::anything that catches my eye... mostly shiny things
I Smell::smells...?
I Dance::like a moron
I Sing::pretty well, I guess...
I Kill::anyone who pisses me off
I Open::my mind
I Sleep::in my hobbit cave
I Listen::to music in everything I hear
I Hide::under your bed.... 0.o
I Pray::that you won't get bored with this
I Walk::slowly
I Write::adventures and romance. Mostly, whatever comes to mind
I See::very poorly. T-T
I Can::uh.... breathe?
I Watch::anime and CSI
I Yearn::to do..... something I forget
I Daydream::about anything
I Want::love
I Cry::at other poeple's pain
I Read::anything that intrests me
I Steal::food at lunch from my friends. ^^
I Love::no one outside of my family and friends
I Sometimes::want to scream "SCREW THE WORLD!!" and see what happens
I Hurt::when I hurt. *shrug*
I Fear::natural disaters , people breaking into my house, and losing any of my loved ones
I Hope::that there will soon be peace
I Break::pencils
I Eat::braaaaaainssssss
I Quit::uh.... being a...... *shrug* I dunno
I Bathe::in water...?
I Drink::water...?
I Stop::when my feet cease movement
I Save::bottle caps and polar bears
I Hug::random people! ^^
I Am In::my house in front of the computer
I Play::with the stick figures in my head. I like blowing them up
I Miss::my friends.... even though I saw them a little while ago...
I Hold::onto my dreams
I Forgive::anyone. unless you do something REALLY bad. then, most likely not.
I Drive::people to insanity
I Learn::at school. (wow)
I Have::all that I could ever need
I Don't::know what I'm doing on this world
I Made::a pwetty drawing!
I Kiss::my mom (GOD WHY DO I SUCK?!?)
I Believe::in everything
I Wait::for no one
I Need::someone's love
I Fuck::wait.... what?!
I Feel::like crap
I know::that I want to do something... I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT!!!
I Wonder::why this survey thing is so long
I Rock::Why, yes! I do!
I Am::me. and no one can do anything to change that.
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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Curse of the Butterfly LAST UPDATE: 4/9/07
Now, I might have gotton some stuff wrong, but here's my Naruto story!

Curse of the Butterfly
By Twilight Demon
Normal P.O.V
One day, Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi just got back to their classroom from their last mission of the day when a messenger came saying that Kakashi had to go to Lord Hokage. The trio waited for what seemed like hours until he finally came back.
"Guys," he said, "I'd like you to meet Yukimo."
A girl the same age as the trio (twleve) came in.
She had straight black hair in two ponytails tied with red ribbon that when let down would go to the middle of her back and silver eyes. She was wearing a black t-shirt with fishnet long-sleeves, a black mini-skort, and black shoes. She also had an eyebrow peircing, three peircings on each ear, and red and black butterfly wings. Around her neck was a hitai-ate that looked like it was filled in and then engraved with the Konoha symbol. On her back was a katana with a black handle that had the Japanese symbol for "Butterfly" on it in a black seath.
"Call me Yuki," she said in a voice as cold as silver, but as beautiful as a windchime.

My P.O.V
I could not beleive that they teamed me up with such a weak looking group. I don't even know why my old country traded me and my friends for some losers.
Master Kakashi said, "Yuki, this is Uzumaki Naruto," -a boy with blonde spiky hair and blue eyes wearing an orange outfit- "Haruno Sakura,"-a girl with sugar pink hair and green eyes wearing a red dress with black shorts under it- "and Uchiha Sasuke,"- a boy with bluish-black hair and black eyes wearing a blue shirt and white shorts with white armbands.
"Yo," I said.
"Hi," said Sakura and Naruto, but not Sasuke.
I just looked at Sasuke and shrugged slightly.
My other friends were Milana and Hikaru. Hikaru is a boy with black and red hair and red eyes. His not human feature are black wolf ears and tail. Milana is a girl with short purple hair and blue eyes. Her feature is having the power of fire and water. My features are butterfly wings and a curse. It's only been in effect once but I know it's bad. My friends are both really cool and I really just want to be a team again. But no, the stupid Hokage had to trade us and split us apart. I'll never forgive him. The new place even had to change our hitai-ates.
Our sign used to be this:

But it was changed to this:

Frankly, I'm angry. Milana, Hikaru and I call ourselves "The Scilenced Three". We made it up when we first met. So we all promised to each other that we would become a team again someday. I hope that's true. We have a small place we could call our own that we live at. That way, we would always have each other. But you know, not in the fighting team type-way.
"I need to go somewhere for a bit," said Kakashi suddenly, breaking me out of my thoughts, "You can get to know each other while I'm gone."
He went out of the room and I was stuck with three weaklings. I just folded my arms and waited for one of them to ask where I came from. Sakura was the one to ask.
"Where are you from, anyway?" she asked.
I sighed and told her anyway. "The Country Among the Scilenced."
They all looked confused. "Master Kakashi never told us about that place," said Naruto quietly, but not quietly enough.
"Well then he was using the wrong map!" I said a little harshly. I decided to tell them about it. "The Country Among the Scilenced is a place for non-human beings. I have two other friends from there and they were transfered also. In my country, everyone has their own unique feature. Take me for example. I have butterfly wings and a-" I stopped myself. Nobody but Milana and Hikaru were supposed to know about the curse. But I had started something.
'Damnit,' I thought.
"A what?" asked Naruto curiously. Annoying and curious by first impression. Very nice.
I sighed. They were my new team and they deserved to know. "A... curse," I replied with difficulty.
They all stared at me, especilly Sasuke. He had his eyes wide while Sakura and Naruto were just looking at me with surprised expressions.
"Nani?" asked Sasuke.
"I think you heard me loud and clear, Uchiha Sasuke," I said, glaring at him, "Don't any of you dare tell Master Kakashi."
Master Kakashi himself came back just then. I guess if you speak of the devil, the devil will come. "Well," he said, "the day's done. You can all go home." He turned to me. "Sorry you didn't get anything done today, Yuki."
"Oh, don't worry," I replied, "I don't mind."
We all walked out the door except for Master Kakashi. I walked alone for a second in the hall until Naruto came up next to my side and asked "Where is this curse mark?"
I looked at him. His face had curiosity painted all over it. Unwillingly, lifted up my hitai-ate to show him what was under it.
My curse mark looks like this:

He stared. "Wow," he breathed.
God, he is overly energenic. I lowered my hitai-ate and kept walking until I got home. I got to the small so-called "house" but it still had enough room to fit us all in. Milana was there but Hikaru wasn't.
"Yo," I said. I looked around. "Where's Hikaru?"
She looked up from the book she was reading. "Guess he got held back time-wise," was her reply, going back to the book.
Our home is a three room place with a bathroom, kitchen, and good-sized bedroom. Our bedroom has three beds seperated by curtains. All three of us are orphans, parents died in the war when we were just five. After living in lonliness for eight years, we were finally made up into a team.
Hikaru finally got back. "Sorry I'm late," he said, "My stupid Sensei held us up."
"Well now that we're all here," said Milana, "let's eat. I already made some dinner."
Milana's the chef in our group. We sat at our small table and started eating our rice.
"So who are you with?" I asked, "I got stuck with Kakashi Hatake."
"Might Gai for me," said Milana, "He's so weird." She shuddered.
"I got Asuma Saratobi," said Hikaru.
"Drag," I said.
We finished eating and went to our favorite training spot. We needed to get stronger for whatever comes. Milana and I sparred and then Milana and Hikaru. Last was Hikaru and me. We all did great, but not excellent. We were so tired after that that we went home and went to sleep.
The next morning, I was the first one up. I made myself breakfast and left a note to them saying that I had gone to class. But really, the first thing I was doing was going to do was shopping. We needed stuff but first, I was going to do myself and then the others when I was going back home. I got myself a scroll of jutsus, which was expensive. I didn't need any knai or shuriken because I already had my katana. My sensei really didn't teach me the upper-level jutsus. I read the scroll on the way there. I got to the bridge where we were supposed to meet and saw that no one was there yet. Instead of going back home, I decided to try some of the jutsus I had my eye on.
There was one called the "Kage Bushin no Jutsu", a multiple shadow clone jutsu. I made the right signs and focused my chakra. Just as I was about to do it, a pain shot in my neck where my curse was. This almost always happened when I tried to do a jutsu, but not on a regular basis. This time though, the pain was worse than ever before. I grasped my mark and lowered onto my knees. I screamed in pain. This was so strange. Did this mean that danger was coming? I was positive something bad was going to happen.
Naruto and the others showed up then. 'Bout time. Seeing me on the ground in pain, they came to my aid.
"Oh no!! What happened?! Yuki?!" cried Sakura with concern in her voice.
They lowered down on their knees as well. Sasuke noticed my hand at my curse mark place. He moved my hand and picked up my hitai-ate. I could tell they were staring in horror since Sakura gasped when she saw.
"What?" I asked through gritted teeth, putting up with the sudden shots of pain. It seriously felt like someone was stabbing me right there.
"Your curse mark... it's..." Sakura said, but didn't finish.
"Glowing red, like fire," finished Sasuke.
I didn't ask any more questions because I passed out. The last thing I saw before that was Sasuke's shocked face.
I woke up later in a hospital bed. I slowly opened my eyes and saw my old and new team there, along with Master Kakashi. They saw me awake and breathed a sigh of releif, except Sasuke who had gone back to his normal self, but I saw a light of releif in his eyes. I sat up.
"How are you feeling?" asked Milana.
"Fine," I replied, "What happened?"
"Your curse mark was glowing red and you passed out," replied Hikaru.
"Oh," was all I said, "Well I'm sure it was nothing serious."
"Actually," said Master Kakashi, "it is. We need to seal that."
"Oh... alright," I said.
I got up and asked to be left alone for a liitle bit and that I would be right out. They all went outside to wait. I got changed and went with Master Kakashi. We went into this dark room with colums all around the outside of about three circles going out from each other. There were kunais in the ground in various places in the circles. He then asked me to take off my shirt. I was uncomfortable about that, but I did what he said. Anything to make the pain go away. I sat down in the middle of the middle circle. Kakashi cut his fingers and wrote an unknown language around the curse mark all the way down my back and on the floor.
He did hand signs and said "Curse sealing jutsu!"
He put his hand on my curse mark and a burst of pain unlike ever before shot throughout my body. I then felt like all the enrgy was being drained out of me. I knew it was for my own good. I screamed right before all of the blood letters were gone. I sat there, panting.
"Remember," said Kakashi, "the protection of the curse depends on your will. If your will is strong, the seal will be, too."
I listened, but only halfly. I was so tired. Everything went black and I thudded on the floor.
I had had visions in my dreams before. This was one of them. They usually happened when something bad is coming.
I was flying above a lake shore covered with mist. There were people on it. They were Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, me, and somebody with twin swords. I couldn't see him clearly, but the caps of the swords glinted slightly. The man came at me and almost got me. I dogded right before with a cut on my leg. Then, he dissapeared and reappeared, coming at Sasuke silently. I tried to call out, but no words came.
I then woke up.
I woke up still in the room, surrounded by bodygaurds. I quickly went for my shirt, but it was already on me, so I got my hiati-ate on instead. I got up and one of gaurds turned around. Seeing it was me, they let me go. It was sundown. I went home since the classes were done. When I got home, Hikaru and Milana were waiting. They were so releived to see me home.
"Let me see it," ordered Milana.
I lifted up my hitai-ate and she inspected it. She nodded saying it was fine. I went to look at it myself. It had a ring of those blood letters around it only the letters were black. It looked fine so I went to bed. I wasn't hungry.
I woke up the next morning and saw that Milana and Hikaru weren't there. That meant I was late! They let me sleep in!
"Damnit!" I exclaimed as I pretty much jumped a foot into the air.
I got dressed as quickly as I could, strapped my katana on my back, and ran to the bridge. They were waiting for me.
"Sorry I'm late!" I said, panting.
"Just don't hold us up next time," Sasuke said.
I glared at him.
We were going to work at a farm for a mission. I was dissapointed. I wanted a more exciting mission. Guess I wouldn't get one anytime soon.
At the farm, I worked by myself most of the time. I didn't want anything to do with the others. Sasuke was way to quiet and uncaring, Naruto was loud and didn't know what the hell he was doing half the time, and Sakura had a big forehead meaning that she was more smart than athletic. I was so bored, but I got the job done. Before the others, even.
I waited only a little bit in the place we were supposed to go to when we were done until Sasuke came and sat across from me. I stared into his black, pupiless eyes and couldn't look away. He just stared right back. I tried to break free but I couldn't. It was as if he was sucking me into a vortex from a black abyss. Sakura came and crossed between us, making me drop my contact.
'That was so weird,' I thought. 'What was up with that?'
Naruto was finally done and we went back to the academy for our next mission. I was so bored. The next mission was to find this stupid bird for someone. I wanted something more.
"Hokage, not to be rude or anything, but can't we have a more exciting mission?" I asked.
"Yukimo..." said Kakashi Sensei.
"No, she's right, Kakashi," said the old man, "She can go on a one man mission if she would like."
"Oh, I would love that!" I exclaimed, getting excited.
"Okay. We give the missions by your strength levels, so, since you're stronger than most of your comerades, you will get a middle level one."
"What do you mean, she's stronger than most of us?" asked Sakura.
"I forgot to tell you," I said, "I'm a chuunin."
"Whaaaat?!?!" Naruto exclaimed, stunned. Sakura gasped and even Sasuke stared at me in disbeleif.
"If you're a chuunin, how come you're not teaching?" asked Sakura suspiciously.
"I was always the best of my school along with my group, top marks," I explained, "When the teachers finally relized that, they had us do early chuunin exams. We won and so, we were chuunins. But, we didn't want to teach kids younger than us. We wanted to get stronger and stronger."
They stared at me, wide-eyed.
"Do schools actually do that, Master Kakashi?" asked Sakura.
"It's different with the countries. Since she lived in a different country, the rules are different. Students can be chuunin before they graduate, even," explained Kakashi, "Where did you come from anyway, Yuki?"
"The Country Among the Scilenced," I replied.
"Never heard of it," he said.
"It's a hidden place for non-humans," I said, "It's not located on any map. And you're right, Master. It is that way in my country. Most of the students usually graduate when they're ten, unlike here. I became a chuunin when I was eight." I turned back to the Hokage. "Right. Now that that's settled, may I have my mission please?"
"Yes," he said, "Your mission is to hunt down a certain ninja named Kija. He has terrorized many villages, and must be stopped."
"Thank you," I said, bowing.
"How come she gets to hunt down a ninja?" asked Naruto.
"I'm quallified to be a ninja hunter," I said to her, "I've always wanted to be one."
I started out the door, saying to Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke "See you losers later."
The Hokage gave me insructions on how to find Kija. He was at a secret base located deep in the woods. I hadn't traveled very far until I heard a rustle in the leaves. I drew out my katana and got it ready. The rustling came closer until Naruto dropped upsidedown right in front of my face.
"Naruto!" I exclaimed, "You almost scared the hell out of me!"
"Sorry," he replied.
"What are you doing here, anyway?" I asked, putting my sword away.
"We didn't have any more missions for today, so Kakashi sent us home and I came here instead," he replied, "I got Sasuke and Sakura into it, so they'll be coming if we just wait here."
We did wait for about fifteen minutes for Sakura and another ten for Sasuke.
"What took you so long?" I asked Sasuke.
"This isn't the most remote spot," he replied.
"Fine, just don't hold us up next time," I said, smirking and proud of myself for using his line.
He glared at me.
We kept traveling in the direction of the hideout. It was a cave in a mountain.
"Let's go," I directed.
We silently snuck onto the ridge of the cave when I stopped and focused my chakra to my feet. I then walked up onto the ceiling.The others saw what I was doing and did the same. Telling them to keep quiet, we went deeper into the cave until we saw a light ahead. I drew my katana and held it ready. The blood was rushing to my head, so I got down. They followed.
"You guys stay here," I ordered quietly.
As I went ahead, Sakura pulled on the back of my shirt. "No way," she whispered.
I escaped her grasp and said "This guy is pretty much a maniac killer. I don't you guys to get hurt."
"We don't want you to get hurt," argued Naruto.
I sighed. "Fine," I said, "Does anybody else want to go?" I put my hand in the middle of our meeting circle.
Naruto put his hand in first. "I'm in."
"Me too," said Sakura, also putting her hand in the middle.
We looked at Sasuke. "Fine," he said.
"Let's go," I whispered.
In the light of torches, we saw a house.
'A house in a cave?' I thought, 'Secret hide-out much?'
As we got closer to the house, I heard voices coming from it.
"He has others with him," I whispered, "We have to be extra careful." I suddenly had an idea. "Better yet, I could use the mind transfer justu." This was more to myself than to them.
I put my katana back in it's seath. Then, I preformed my signs and made the last sign sort of like a pretend camra that little kids make. I was surprised that my curse didn't hurt.
The mind transfer justu allows the user to go into the person that they're directing it at. It's also quite risky because the user's body will only be a limp puppet for a short amount of time, allowing any enimes to strike freely. Lastly, it only goes in a straight line and is very slow, so you had to be right on target. If your target moved, game over.
I was, thankfully, not in full light, so they wouldn't see me. I could feel the charkra going through the window and hitting the person closest to it. I was transferred into that body right as it hit him. I was in a room with a round table that had Konoha playing cards on it. I was holding some, so I supposed we were gambling.
I had to act fast. It only lasts for a few minutes. I got up and the other three men looked at me.
"What's up Kija?" said one.
Kija?! Oh no! I went into his body! I guess I had no choice but to make him come out so we could get him.
I withdrew... one of the swords that was on the side of Kija. The others were wide-eyed.
"Hey," said one nervously, "Are you okay?"
"Never better," I said. Kija's voice was low, making him sound tough.
I quickly killed everyone in the room. I guess this Kija was pretty fast, since none of them put up a fight. I felt sorry for them. They were inocent (sorta) but we needed to get Kija. My time was up, so my soul went back to my body. I was laying on the ground. When I got up, I heard a frusterated scream.
"What happened?" asked Naruto.
"I went into Kija's body instead," I said, panic in my voice, "I had to kill the others so he would get out. Now he's mad."
Damn straight. He kicked down the door and I saw his full body.
He looked like he was in his late twenties. He had black long hair in a braid and was wearing a full body ninja suit (black). On his side were two swords. Really nice ones, too. It was weird that he had two swords because the man in my vision had two, also. Over-all, he looked like a mad killer.
We plastered ourselves against the hard cave wall, hoping he wouldn't see us. No chance. He looked over our way and we did the best thing in a situation like this.
We ran out of that cave and jumped from the ledge. It was a really long way down and I had no idea why we did it. I suddenly had an idea.
"Take each other's hands!" I called.
Sakura, of course, tried to grab Sasuke's hand, but Naruto beat her by grabbing her hand. Then, Naruto refused to hang onto Sasuke's hand, so Sasuke went on my other side. Thankfully, this happened quickly. I then made my wings flap quickly. I hadn't used them in a while. When I fly, my senses are better than ever. My sense of smell, sight, and hearing become sharper. I also become stronger in physical strength.
"Hold on!" I shouted.
I flew everybody high above the treetops until I got to a lake. I set them all down gently, but I stayed in the air, hovering. I needed to keep an ear out for Kija. As I looked around, I noticed that the lake we were at looked like the one in my vision.
"No," I whispered.
Just then, Kija came in a puff of smoke. Naruto and the others got up from where they were sitting.
"Well well well," he said, "What have we here? A bunch of brats it looks like."
"That's what you think," I retorted, unearthing my katana.
"Oh, I'm scared now," he said mockingly, "A girl with a sword."
That just pissed me off. I flew at him quickly and tried to get him. Just as I suspected, he was fast. He dissapeared and I knew he was hiding in the trees. We then heard him speak.
"You shouldn't be so hasty, girl," he said, his voice evaporating, "I'll have to teach you four a lesson."
The shore was suddenly covered in mist.
"Isn't this...?" said Naruto.
"Yes it is," said Sakura, "The same technique Zabuza used."
"So you know my old friend, do you?" said Kija, hidden in the mist, "If I remember correctly, aren't you three the brats who killed him? If so, then where's the Copy Ninja?"
"The who?" I was so confused.
"Master Kakashi is also known as the 'Copy Ninja'," explained Sakura, "He has the sharigan mirror eye."
I had heard of that eye. It was only in the Uchiha clan, so that meant that Sasuke probably had it. It was only in select few. I tore away from my thoughts when I heard a rustle. That ment that he was coming. I saw a flash of his sword tops and dodged, with only a scratch on my leg. I then realized that this was exactly like my vision. That ment that he would be coming for Sasuke next! I kept an ear out for anything.
"Sasuke," I said. He turned. "Watch your back."
It was coming soon. I heard the bushes rustle, the glint of sword tops.
"Sasuke move!!" I shouted, more nervous than ever.
He did as he was told. Kija missed him, but then I was an open target. The sword came at me and stabbed my leg. I cried out. I dropped to the ground and held my bloody knee. The others rushed to me with words of concern from Sakura.
"You should be worrying about yourselves right now," said Kija.
That didn't sound good.
"You should be worrying about yourselves right now," said Kija.
That didn't sound good. It wasn�t.
�Forget about me!� I cried. �He�s right!�
They did as they were told, going back to their posts. I always had a little bit of bandage on my sheath, so I tore that off and wrapped it around my wound. I stood up, slowly but surely, and hovered, knowing that my leg wouldn�t hold me up in the condition it was in. I waited for the next attack. It came as soon as I thought it. Sakura was his next target. I didn�t care for her much, but I protected her. I came in front of his attack and our swords met.
�Stubborn, aren�t you?� he said.
�Stubborn enough to beat you!� I tried a stab at him, with no luck. He was just too fast.
He dodged and tried to take a stab at me. I dodged also. I didn�t want to look like a coward, so I waited until he came back to stab him. Finally, I was successful. I stabbed him in his right arm.
�Yes!� I thought, a smirk on my face.
He glared at me, his arm bleeding. He was pissed off now. In a fit of rage, he stabbed blindly at me. I guess his pride is broken when he�s hit. I dodged gracefully, and stabbed his other arm when the time was right.
�What are you going to do now?� I asked. �You can�t use your arms.�
�I still have ways.�
That he did. He tossed the sword up into his mouth and swung at me. I jumped into the air, eyes wide. Sasuke jumped in.
�You saved my life,� he said. �Now I�ll save yours.�
He pulled out a kunai as I landed to watch the show. Kija made a smirk, sword still in mouth. He charged at Sasuke. Sasuke just dodged.
�Yeah, you get him Sasuke!� cheered Sakura. Typical.
Sasuke ignored her. I laughed slightly. The fight went on for about three minutes more, but it felt like an hour. I watched until I couldn�t take it anymore. I am very impatient. I waited for the right moment until I jumped in and stabbed him. He froze.
�Game over,� I said.
He slowly died then. I was so glad.
�Finally,� said Sasuke.
�Seriously,� Naruto said.
We started to walk home, me flying because of my leg.
�That was probably the most boring fight I had ever been in,� I said. It probably was.
We walked back to the village. I walked ahead, looking back once in a while to see if I lost them. I thought about lots of things. That included old missions, Milana, Hikaru� You get the point. But, unintentionally, my thoughts traveled to Sasuke. I didn�t mean for that to happen, but it did. I thought about those eyes, how they could suck anything in, and about his clan, the Uchihas. A man who went crazy with power killed them in a massacre. That�s a pretty bad way to die if you ask me. I felt bad for Sasuke.
I shook my head and looked back. They were coming, slowly but surely. I could tell I was blushing slightly. I turned back so they wouldn�t see. After about an hour, we got back to the village. Master Kakashi was waiting for us, looking like he just had a search party. He saw us coming and he looked mad. I instantly regretted letting them come with me.
�Where have you three been?� he asked the others angrily, ignoring me.
�W-with Yuki,� answered Naruto.
�I didn�t want to go Master, but Naruto bribed me,� said Sakura, sucking up.
�No I didn�t!� screeched Naruto. That earned him a bop on the head from Sakura. I snickered.
Kakashi-sensei then looked at me with brooding eyes. I stared right back, but I couldnt help feeling a bit of fear.
Go home. Its getting late, he said.
We all left gladly. Naruto and Sakura went their separate ways leaving Sasuke and I alone. We walked in silence until he broke it.
Hey thanks for saving me back there, he said.
No problem, I replied.
I looked at him. The same pair of vortexes greeted me, but this time, they were softer, and I felt at ease. He broke the contact when we got to his house. It was small, but nice.
This is my stop, he said. Ill see you later.
Yeah, I replied vaguely.
When he went inside, I felt alone. I started hovering, missing the comfort of those dark jewels.
No! I thought. I cant like him! Hes my teammate and that would be a major weakness if I were to fall in love with him! What if someone wanted something I had and threatened to kill Sasuke? What would I do if I had to guard the thing with my life?
I shook my head and kept flying, not realizing that I had stopped. After arriving at my house, I was zoning, eating my rice vaguely. Milana and Hikaru asked what was wrong, but I denied anything to be wrong. They gave up after the first ten minutes. I went to bed and fell asleep, still thinking about him.
I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and energized. I had no idea why, I just did. I got dressed and decided to wear my hair down for some reason. It looked better with my antennae, I had discovered. I then strapped my katana on my back and went headed out the door. I thought about for a minute before deciding to fly to the training ground. I flapped my wings and took to the skies. I love being in the air. Its a beautiful feeling. As I was up, I saw Sasuke walking to the grounds, too. I thought it would be funny to play a little prank. I would fly straight in front of him and scare the hell out of him.
I went a little bit ahead of him and swooped down. As I went down, he turned his head and our lips touched. It was a complete accident. And it was an accidental real kiss! We broke apart and looked at each other before blushing bright red.
I- Im sorry! I said sheepishly. I didnt mean to! Honest!
He was still frozen from shock. Then he finally found his voice. Uh Thats okay.
I knew it wasnt. Im really sorry!
I took to the skies once again, still blushing red. I went to the forest near the training ground and sat on top of one of the trees. I thought about what just happened. I couldnt believe it did! Mortified, my thoughts went to Sasuke. He mustve felt so weird. I mean, wouldnt you after you just accidentally really kissed someone?! Thats what I thought. But maybe it wasnt just an accident. Maybe I really did like him. Maybe that kiss was destiny.
I saw him arrive finally. He scanned the grounds for me. I stayed hidden among the leaves. I wasnt coming out until Kakashi came. I had time.
I mustve fallen asleep because a while later, Sasuke appeared in a puff of smoke next to me in the tree. I was awoken by the presence of another. It was then that I realized that I missed training!
Oh damn! I muttered.
Hey, said Sasuke. You missed practice.
I know. What did you say to Kakashi?
I told him you were sick, he replied. It was totally clich, but effective.
Thanks, I said, giving him a meek smile. I really am sorry about what happened this morning.
Its fine, he said. I know it was an accident. What were you trying to do anyway?
Surprisingly, I laughed. I was trying to scare the heck out of you.
Also equally surprising, he laughed back. I liked it when he laughed. Its funny, though. He was a completely different person from when I first met him. He was more comfortable to be around.
We looked at each other. I was surprised to see longing in his eyes. All at once, a wave of understanding washed upon me.
He loved me.
I dont know how I didnt notice it before. He is very secretive. Something then burst inside me. The bubble that was so well kept inside even I didnt know about it. The bubble was the feeling of love. The love for Sasuke. I wanted to get the feeling out, but I decided to wait until the time was right. I wasnt exactly sure when that was. It would have to be in secret so Sakura wouldnt chop my head off. You know how she is about Sasuke. Always obsessing. I would have to think about how and when I would tell him.
Thanks for waking me up, I said, stretching. If you didnt, I wouldve stayed all night up here!
His expression turned solemn. No problem.
We both hopped down and started walking together. When we got to his house, he said, By the way. You should keep your hair down. It looks very nice.
He walked inside and I blushed. I walked happily to my house and saw Milana and Hikaru sprawled across the beds.
Whats wrong with you guys? I asked.
Whats wrong? repeated Hikaru, flipping onto his belly. We were just worked to the bone at training! Why are you so happy?
Oh, I just had a good nights rest, thats all. How about I make dinner this time? Milana looks worn out.
Oh, could you? she begged.
Of course!
They stared at me blankly, wondering what was wrong with me. I just smiled. I made some rice with fish. I took the easy way out, I guess. It was pretty good and I surprised myself. We got ready for bed and went to sleep. Bubbles popped in my head.
I woke up after Hikaru. I left my hair down again and went to have breakfast after I got dressed and all that crap. He looked like he was contemplating something.
Whats up? I asked.
Without looking at me, he replied, I can trust you, right Yuki?
I was taken aback. Of course you can, Hika. Why?
He still didnt look at me. Ive been thinking about Milana and how close of friends we are.
I nodded in agreement. They were like two doves; they would never leave each others sides.
But then, Ive noticed lately how my feelings have been for her, and, well He looked at me. I love her, Yuki.
I could completely understand this, so I said, Im glad youve finally realized that. She likes you, too.
His eyes widened. Did she tell you?
No, I replied. I can just tell these things. Now that you have discovered your feelings, why dont you confess?
Oh I havent thought about that, he said, panicking. He then had an idea. Can I practice on you?
I was reluctant, but said, Sure, why not?
It seemed like everyone was discovering their feelings.
We both stood up and he thought about what to say. He decided on just saying how he felt. And thus, he began.
Milana, he said. I know weve been friends forever, but I feel that Ive grown closer to you. My feelings are changing. What Im trying to say is, well, I love you!
I heard a gasp and saw Milana herself in the doorway. She mustve heard what we were saying and thought that Hikaru liked me! Tears filled her eyes as she ran into the bedroom.
Oh no I said. Ill go talk to her.
I followed after her and saw her head buried in her pillow. Sobs constantly flowed out of the cloth.
Milana? I asked. Its not what it seems like.
Yes, it is! she sobbed.
Shes in denial, I thought. No, it isnt. Do you want to know the truth?
She looked up at me. Her face was red and tear-stained. What might that be?
The truth is, Hikaru was practicing on me. The one who was supposed to hear those words was you Milana.
Her eyes widened. R- really? she asked.
Yes, I replied. And I know that you have the same feelings for him. She smiled and nodded. Now that thats settled, go in there and confess. Im sure you two will be happy together.
She got up and wiped her face. Standing tall, she went to where Hikaru was. She sat down next to him and he looked at her.
Hikaru, she started, I love you. I love you so much, I dont know where I would I would do without you! I hope youll return this feeling?
Hikaru stare at her before embracing her and saying, Yes! I will Milana!
I smiled. My work there was done. To give them their privacy, I climbed out the window and started to the grounds. I got there right before Kakashi did.
Where were you? asked Sakura.
I had some business to take care of, I simply replied.
Kakashi arrived, just as I said, right after I did.
Ohayou Kakashi-sensei! I greeted.
Good morning Yukimo, he replied. You seem like youre very jovial today.
I guess you could say that, I replied, beaming up at him.
He looked at me like I was losing my mind and said, Lets get started, shall we?
We did. The first task was going to a shrine to clean up. It wasnt the best thing in the world, but I didnt care. I was so energized and happy because I found out I loved Sasuke and he loved me back (though I didnt tell him yet) and Milana and Hikaru loved each other also. This, I had decided, was a good week.
But, one thing still troubled me. Remember the bubble I had earlier? The one that was the feeling of love? Well, that bubble had frozen in my heart. It was just waiting to get out and make me reveal my feeling. I had to find out a way to tell Sasuke that I loved him back.
Suddenly, I had an idea. Im sure you are familiar with the sign language sign for I love you right? Anyway, I was thinking how that sign could be used for saying I love you silently. I decided to be inconspicuous so, as I said earlier, Sakura wouldnt kill me. I would make eye contact with Sasuke and make that sign so that my index finger was on my lips. My palm would be facing my face so I wouldnt kill my hand making it go at that angle. It would just look like a really weird thing and nobody else would get it. It was perfect!
I finished up quickly and looked for Sasuke. I found him raking some leaves. Sakura was with him, so I knew he wouldnt come over to me. I waited until he made eye contact with me before doing it. He stared at me, understanding what I meant. I was bursting with joy at showing him how I felt. I smiled. He did the same thing and smile back. I mouthed Meet me at the bridge after practice. He mouthed back I will.
I then winked and walked off.
After everyone else had gone home, I went straight to the bridge, pretending I was going home also. I had waited until Naruto and Sakura were out of sight. Sasuke had said he needed to do something at the grounds. Im sure it was extra training or something.
When I got to the bridge, I saw Sasuke training. He was working very hard, concentrating on a move. He was making a ball of fire and trying to split it up so it went in different directions. It was a justu, but by how fast his hands were going when he was performing the hand signs, it seemed like it was by natural skill. When he saw me, he called off the fire and walked over.
Hey, I said.
Did you really mean what you showed me earlier? he asked.
Yes, I replied. I did. I meant it in every place of my heart.
He suddenly embraced me. I listened to his heartbeat and felt his chest move up and down.
I love you, too, he said to me. Ive loved you ever since you first came.
But why did you choose me? I asked. There are much prettier girls here. Why me?
You cant control whom you fall in love with, he simply said.
I couldnt disagree with that logic. I looked up into his face and he looked down upon me. He closed his eyes and leaned in. I couldnt believe this was happening to me. My first real (not accidental) kiss! Right before we came in contact with each other, Sakura came. She stared at us and we at her.
W- whats going on? she asked, panicked and confused.
Sakura, said Sasuke, letting go of me.
Sakuras eyes filled with tears. Why?! she cried. Why her and not me?!
Quit being so selfish, he said. She is more outgoing than you. Remember when you cut your hair in the Forest of Death? You had heard that I liked girls with longer hair, so you were determined to grow it out. Yuki didnt care how she looked; she was just a very interesting and outgoing girl. You obsess over how your hair or clothes are; she doesnt. You understand? She wants to show her true self while you try to charm me with looks.
Sakura glared at me with a tearful face. I guess I understand.
Good. Now why dont you go home?
Okay, she replied. Bye Yuki.
Gomen nasai, I apologized.
Its alright. Im happy for you.
She waved bye and went back home. Sasuke and I both looked at each other and smiled.
I should be getting back home myself, I said.
I went up to his face and kissed him. It only lasted for a little bit, but it was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced.
Sayonara, I said after we broke apart.
I walked home and saw Milana and Hikaru leaning on each others shoulders, looking into the sunset. I smiled and went inside. I couldnt believe that all this was happening to me after I moved from my old country. I was in awe. I ate dinner and went to sleep, the same old routine.
A month later, Sasuke and I were still together and Sakura didnt mind one bit. Milana and Hikaru were still together also. We were at the training grounds and waiting for Kakashi again. He came and had an announcement.
I have something to tell you guys, he said. The chuunin exams are coming again. Since none of you made it last year, you will taking it again this year.
What about me? I asked. Im already a chuunin.
You, Yukimo, will have the jounin exams.
Sweet! When are they?
Next week, he replied. Thats why we need to start some rigorous training.
The others groaned. I didnt though. I wanted to get stronger, so I just smirked and said, Bring it on. And boy, did he. We learned new justus, fighting techniques, and strategies. After the day was done, we were all worn out. I lay down on the ground, panting. Sasuke lay down next to me, worn out as much as I was.
Oh geez, I said. I am so tired.
I know, he replied. That was really tough.
Naruto, however, was still going.
That idiot is going to kill himself from training one day, I noted. Hes completely crazy.
He always does this, said Sasuke.
Yeah. He wants to earn the respect of everyone by becoming Hokage.
Why? I asked. I wanted to know more.
Before he was born, the demon known as the Nine Tailed Demon-Fox pretty much destroyed the village. The forth Hokage sealed it in a baby with its umbilical cord freshly cut. He died after that, but he died with honor. He had saved the village, but they were still afraid of Naruto. They were afraid if the seal broke and the fox came out, then it would create mass destruction. They all shunned Naruto, and eventually, that hate from the parents rubbed off onto their kids. He was hated wherever he went, so he decided that he wanted to become Hokage to earn the respect of everyone.
I looked over at Naruto, who was practicing climbing up a tree. Thats so sad, I said.
Naruto had then fallen down from the tree from lack of concentration. I got up and went over to him.
You need some help? I asked, lending him a hand to take.
He eyed me from the ground. Why are you being do nice to me all of the sudden?
I just want to be friendlier, thats all, I replied, smiling.
He took my hand and I helped him up. I smiled once again.
Dont over do it, alright? I cautioned, and went to lay back down with Sasuke.
Well, Yuki. Im impressed, Sasuke teased.
Shut up, I joked, playfully punching his shoulder.
Sakura saw us together and smiled. Kakashi was scolding Naruto for over doing it. Sasuke and I stood up and walked, hand in hand, to our houses.
Hey I have a question, I said.
What might that be?
Ive never seen your house. Can I see it?
Why not? Only if I get to see your house after.
And so, we got to his house. It was nice for a kid who lived alone. We got inside and I stared. It was awesome. It was only one story, but it was amazing. It had a nice kitchen, bathroom, and study, but the most amazing part was the bedroom. It was huge. It had a desk, a good-sized bed, a bookshelf full of books, and a lamp. I know it doesnt sound like much, but believe me; its more than it sounds.
This is unbelievable! I exclaimed.
You like it?
Like it? I love it!
I explored for a little while more, looking at all the books in his bedroom and study. I was completely indulging myself until he wanted to see my house. I agreed and we walked there. I was a bit ashamed at how shabby my house was to his, but oh well. I knew he wouldnt mind.
Hey Milana! Hikaru! I have someone I want you to meet! I called when we got inside.
They came out of the bedroom and waited for an introduction.
This is Uchiha Sasuke, I introduced. Sasuke, this is Milana and Hikaru.
Very nice to meet you, Sasuke, said Milana. Yuki has told us so much about you.
It was true. Ever since we found out we loved each other, I talked non-stop about him. I blushed and looked at the floor.
Sasuke looked like he forgot something then. I need to go, he said to me. Ill see you tomorrow. He kissed me and went off.
Well, hes a good catch, isnt he? asked Milana. Hikaru didnt mind.
Good? I repeated. Hes amazing!
Careful, she might faint, joked Hikaru.
Quiet you.
A week later, it was the jounin exams, chuunin for the others. We arrived at a dome like building with three other teams there. In one, I saw Hiakru. His other teammates were a girly girl and a fat guy. I then saw Milanas team. It was she, a girl with brown hair in buns, a guy with long hair in a ponytail, and another boy with huge eyebrows and a black bowl-cut. The last team consisted of a girl with short black hair, a guy with sunglasses and spiky brown hair, and a guy with a hooded jacket and a white dog in his coat. They were all pretty weak looking to me.
We stood in the middle of the floor separated by teams. The Hokage- a girl who looked in her twenties with blond ponytails- stood and greeted us.
Here we are again, she said. At the place where everyone fought their way to become chuunins. Some of you made it to the finals; others were not so lucky. This year, though, it will be a one-chance thing. You either become a chuunin or not. I wish all of you luck. Those who are trying to become jounin, please step forward. Milana, Hikaru, and I all came forward. You three are already chuunins. You will be taking the jounin exams instead. You will not fight anyone here; we have people from another land to come and fight you. Please, do your best you three.
We all bowed and went back to our places. I was shaking with excitement. Another country! How lucky were we?
Let the chuunin exams, -she looked up at an electronic board- BEGIN!
Right after she said that, the board flashed green lettering. It finally stopped with one name.
Yukimo, said the referee. Please step forward. Everyone else, go up to the balconies.
The three teams split up. Sasuke said to me on his way there, Be careful.
I stood alone in the big floor. Will the opponent please step out?
Out of the shadows, I saw a man come out. He was big with a huge sword on his back.
Finally, he said as he came up to face me. I get to meet the girl who killed Kija. What an honor it would be if he wasnt my master.
You were one of the henchmen, werent you? I asked.
Yes, but you didnt get a chance to kill me. Now its time to get my revenge.
The referee looked at both of us and said, I will stop the match if one of you is close to death or if one of you forfeits. Ready? I drew my katana and he his sword. Begin!
He came at me with his giant sword. That was a bad move. If you just charge, you leave yourself open. I jumped into the air and stayed there. He looked up. Knowing he couldnt jump up and get me, he threw his sword. I dodged it again, getting a cut on my leg. It stuck in the ceiling. He cussed at his bad luck. I made hand signs and tried the Kage Buushin no Justsu. I was successful and five other clones of myself appeared in flesh and blood. They each took out some of that cloth from their swords and wrapped it around him. I did this as well. Then, just to make sure he wouldnt get away, one of the clones grabbed him from behind. The other four and myself charged at him and punched him, one by one. I then called of the clones and gathered the cloths back into my sword.
Give up? I asked.
His hand popped up and threw two kunai at me. I guess that was a no. I just moved to the side and commented on his bad aim. Sasuke warned me that it was probably a trap. I looked behind me and sure enough, two clones of my opponent came flying at me. One got me in the face, the other in the stomach. I bit my tongue and coughed up blood. I was sent flying to the ground. I kneeled there as my opponent called off the clones.
Now I ask, he said. Have you had enough?
Never, I said as I wiped the blood from the corner of my mouth. I will never back down. I have worked to hard to not become a jounin!
I slowly staggered onto my feet. I then smirked and jumped into the air and hovered there. He waited to see what I would do. I preformed hand signs and cried, Butterfly no Justsu!
Now, my butterfly justu might sound like a really sissy attack, but believe me, its worse than anything. It puts the victim in their worst nightmare, no matter where you are. Right after I did it, two things happened at the same time. I cried out because my curse hurt even more. I could feel it pulsing.
Whats going on? I thought. Master Kakashi sealed it. Its not supposed to do this.
The other thing that was happening was a dark mist concealed around my opponent. He wondered what the hell was going on and freaked out. I could hear his screams mixing with mine. I didnt know what was wrong with my mark. Didnt Kakashi seal it? Maybe the seal weakened. How could it? He sealed it well I know that.
Yuki? asked Sasuke from the stands. Are you okay?
Very suddenly, the pain stopped. I felt fine as if it never happened. I stood and looked at him.
Yeah, I replied. Im fine.
By that time, my justsu had worn off. The man stood there, scared out of his wits. It was the perfect opportunity to strike. So, I came at him and knocked him out. The referee came and looked at him.
Hes out, he announced. Yukimo is now officially a jounin.
I squealed and jumped up to the stands. Sasuke hugged me and everyone else congratulated me. We all calmed down to see who the next people were. The board flashed green again until it stopped on Uchiha Sasuke vs. Haruno Sakura.
Well thats unexpected I said.
Yeah, agreed Naruto.
Sakura and Sasuke looked at each other. I knew that Sakura still liked Sasuke, even though we were together. This was a fight I couldnt miss. They both went down to the arena and stood, facing each other.
Ready? the referee asked. They nodded. Begin!
But they didnt begin. They just stood there.
I dont want to have to fight you, Sasuke, said Sakura. Even though you love someone, I still have feelings that I cant shake off.
The girly girl shouted, What do you mean, he loves someone?!
I flew over and stood next to her. He loves me, I whispered in her ear.
She stared at me in shock and that shock turned into rage. I ignored this and looked back at the fight.
I understand that Sakura, replied Sasuke. But please understand this. I cannot lose!
He quickly made hand signs and three clones appeared. I guess people like making clones here (myself included). All three clones came running at her and one hit her. She was sent flying backwards. The other two came behind her and hit her forwards. After Sasuke called off the clones, Sakura kneeled on the ground, just like I had.
Im sorry, said Sasuke.
No, replied Sakura. Im sorry.
For what?
Sakura looked up and smirked at Sasuke. Im sorry, but Ill become a chuunin today!
She ran at Sasuke very quickly. She mustve transferred her chakra into her feet. She then made two other really good clones of herself and made them punch Sasuke, one by one. He flew up into the air and I gasped. Sakura was much stronger then I thought her to be. While he was in the air, Sasuke seemed like he was in pain.
Whats wrong with him? I cried.
He clung to his left shoulder blade as his face twisted in pain. I saw how much pain he was in and tears came to my eyes. I couldnt take it anymore. I flew over to him and caught him before he hit the ground. As I was bringing him over to the sidelines, he had passed out. I set him on the ground and looked at his left shoulder blade. Right in the middle of it, was a mark that looked like this:

I gasped. What is that? I wondered aloud.
Kakashi appeared next to me. Thats his curse mark that he got from Orochimaru.
I wondered why he didnt tell me before. I looked down to the referee.
Hes not going to be able to continue this match, I called down to him. Hes in great pain.
He nodded. Well leave this as a draw, said the referee.
Sakura was disappointed and scared for Sasukes health. I swear she needs to get a hobby besides Sasuke spying. I helped Kakashi put Sasuke on a stretcher and two men carried him to the hospital. I was even more worried than Sakura, which is saying something. I mean, my first love was in the fight that would help him become a chuunin and his curse mark that he got from this evil dude caused him to pass out. Wouldnt you say thats something to worry about?
As I watched them take him away, I vowed that I would find Orochimaru and kill him, so he could do no more evil.
A week later, I still waited for him to wake up. I had been doing this all day until visiting hours were done. This day though, he woke up. I smiled.
What happened? he asked.
Your curse mark was activated and you passed out.
He groaned. Who won the match?
It was left as a draw.
He groaned once again. I laughed. After checking him out of the hospital, I helped him get home. I joked about his loss, but he got really pissed, so I dropped it. He then laughed and said he was kidding. I got angry with him, but only for a bit.
When we got to his house, I helped him inside. He was limping, so he had leaned on my shoulder for the whole way. He wanted me to come inside, so I took pity on him and helped him in. I set him on his bed and he lay there. There was a silence while he stared into the ceiling, as if he was trying to bore a hole in it. Finally, he spoke.
Yuki, he said, what would you do if I died?
I was taken aback, but answered. I would kill the person who did that to you to avenge your death. Why are you asking such a question?
I dont know, was his reply. He was spacey.
I lay my head down on his chest. I hope you dont die in the near future. I love you too much.
I do, too.
I could feel his coal eyes on the top of my head, and I allowed them to see my eyes. He smiled at the sight. I let my head move with his breathing, which was comforting. Not too long after that, I fell asleep.
I woke in the bed, not on Sasukes chest. I sat bolt upright and looked around for him. He was on the floor.
Ugh, I muttered, rolling my eyes.

HA!! I'm sooooo evil! I leave you off on cliffhanger! Don't worry though. I'll update whenevr I can!

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