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Saturday, December 23, 2006

   Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!
Since this might be the last time I get online before Christmas, I wanted to give you guys my card for you early! I hope it shows up.

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I hope you all have a great weekend! I already got an awesome present: the funimation channel! I just found out our sattilite network has colors, the funination all anime channel! featuring shows like negima, fruits basket, yu-yu hakusho and much, much more.

A present for you: tonight on cartoon network, the fourth inuyasha movie makes it's premier, followed by an Inuyasha movie marathon! if you still love inuyasha despite the popular anti-inu movement, or just wanna see the newest movie installment without forking over 30 bucks for the dvd, be sure to tune in!

And for my sattilite/cabely challanged friends... have a piece of holiday toast, on me!

Merry Christmas!


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Friday, December 22, 2006

Toast testing
Just testing to see if this new code works don't mind me--comment on the post below


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   Mean People!
As you know (or should know) Toast tries to bring common courtesy with a side of butter to the otaku by being polite and kind. Which is less than I could say for some people!

Recently there's a poll asking which anime is most overrated. Please read my comment on it when you have the time and see if you agree with me...

...Half, if not all, of the people on that comment line were burning each other, being immature, and just plain insulting! Obviously people don't care what little kid get's their feelings hurt from that dude who said naruto is just gay, or that girls who like fma boys should be shot.

what the hell is that?!?! i agree that a lot of them are overrated. But honestly... it's only a poll, not a flame-fest!

heck, that's why I quit Gaia. too many flamers and not enough friends. I came back here because of the friendly atmosphere. But it's polls like that which make me realize that inside all of us there is a little person who is willing to flame and spit all over people. I named mine George.

So, anyway... Which anime do YOU think is the most overrated?

You'll have to look for my comment to view my opinion.

Have a superbly Toasty Christmas Eves-eves eve!


~~RANDOM TOAST~~: Fanart!

After School
| Hosted By theOtaku.com.

I think this was a cute picture, please go and comment on it/vote for it.

~~Sayonara again luv Toast

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

How Toast was born
Check it out--soda bear drew me this awesome pic of Satoshi Hiwatari from D.N Angel.

Hiwatari For Turnleft@thetoast
| Hosted By theOtaku.com.

please show up.

soda bear did a pic of Daisuke and i thought 'hey, if you do daisuke so well i bet hiwatari would turn out spiffy.' thank you, soda bear! *round of applause*

ok. this account is a far cry from my newmooninuyasha one in sanity--not that that's saying much. how did i pick such a wacky name?

cuz i love toast *drool* and my mom had a dream i took to heart.

she was lost somewhere and was asking for directions. some guy told her to turn left at the toast... she never got to where she was going, though, and she found no toast.

why can't i have dreams like that?! anyhoo, i asked her if i could use that and she gave me the goahead, so yay for my mom! i wouldnt be here without her, in more ways than the whole birth thing. XD

p.s: don't restrain from eating toast for breakfast, my dear friends, it isn't symbolic of you devouring my charred and buttery corpse. no! it's delicious. go ahead and eat toast like your life depended on it!

~~Toast loves you

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

   ~~*Toast loves you*~~
Hi! it's me, Toast (or as some people call me, Sana) :)

This site is totally toasted (a good thing) so I will be sure to update often. By the way--Merry Christmas!

The last few months on my other account were pretty rough. So here are a couple things I plan to do on this account in the following year:

1#: Get 'Sana chan in wonderland' rewritten and hosted on my freewebs site (this was my fanfiction on my previous account)

2#: Revamp my 'webbie wonderland' into things like HTML help and stuff

3#: learn more HTML (my main source, Inkenyo 2.0's graphics page, won't show up on this computer) sniffle

4#: submit some fan art

5#: rule theotaku with a buttery fist

All those are optional until that last one.

Anyhow, I also plan on gaining back some friends and reuniting with them, as well as making some new ones.

Hope you all have a great day, and don't skip breakfast! it's the most important meal of the day.


Coming next Toast Post: How I chose this odd name..........

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