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If your reading this you have somehow stumbled onto my site. So I would like to say welcome first of all. Make sure to take sometime and check out my pics but I must warn you Iíve only been drawing of 4-6 months so be nice when voting. Ok enough about that now on to a bit about me. First of all I live in Canada, where in Canada though now thatís confidential, I mean I know your all nice people but you can never be to careful there may be stalkers out there. LOL. UmmÖ what else about me, Iím asian so I like the usual asian things, eating sushi, hot poting watching asian movies the typical things.

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Saturday, December 3, 2005

It's been awhile so thought i'd just pop by and make my monthly post. Nothin much goin on with life lately, though i have concluded that weversince i got my liscence i've become a coffee holic. I need coffee everyday i swear and im not even 18 yet.... i think this is bad. That was a really random comment, but im done now not much of a blog person if you've ever noticed.

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Monday, October 31, 2005


As you guys already todays halloween. Im so excited me and a couple of friends are gunna dress up in really simple and stupid costumes like the classic bed sheet ghost and stuff and go out trick or treating. I know u think that at the age of 16 a guy would say trick or treating is for little kids but not me. Lol.. i mean im still young at heart why not enjoy i now when im young. In 3 years ill be in university and by then ill wish i had time to go trick or treating... so u guys should try it too ^_^ Anyways Happy halloweeen... and btw anyone got any ideas for simple costumes something that doesnt require to much time of effort, since im only gunna use it once... any ideas would be nice... enjoy all the candy and happy halloween again ^_^ Oh one more thing if your wondering why im so excited and hyper its because i just drank 4 cups of jumbo coffee and now im bouncing off the walls... whooo hoooo!!

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Crazy Week

Wow it's been forever since I was last here. Thought i'd just keep you guys updated on whats been goin on. This week has been total insanity for me I mean 5 tests in a span of 2 days. Finals aren't even this crazy. I've been up day and night for the last two days and at this point my head is absolutely pounding. Over teh next 3 hrs i have to cram both a french and chemisty into my head, my body has seriously been running off of caffine for the last 2 days. I bet your wondering how the tests went.. well my english teacher slaughtered the carefully planned thesis and essay that I had pain stakingly put together the night before and with onely and hour to write final draft theres nothing more i could have done but say "Im totally screwed" and write the first things that popped into my head. Physics was the only test that i felt semi confident about, and then there was math. We were givent he option to write it today or tomorrow at lunch so i figured that i knew enough so i decided to take the test and get it outta the way, big mistake I knew nothing I failed the test.

Ok i have really arrogant friend who thinks hes a genius rite and last year on one of the essays we did she sent me hers to read it and then the next day she read mine and i swear i never stole a single one of her ideas but she claimed i stole her thesis and point and just reworded the whole essay. She held that over my head for the enitre year... i figured that after a year she would get over it but i guess not today before I stared writting my essay she came up to me and said " Don't use my thesis ok i know that bob told you what it was" I was so pissed... i mean who does she think she is. I have to say she is very smart but she always thinks that everone else is trying to steal ideas of off her. I donno both me and my other friend just thought that was completely uncalled for... what does she take us for idiots.. ok enough ranting.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hey hey all. Its been a long time.. Thought id make my usual 2 week post. Nothing to exciting as usual. With school starting and all i've been buried under homework, i did however manage to make time yestrueday and watch to watch Final Fantasy 7 : Advent Children, and let me tell you it was well worth the wait. I won't ruin anything for any of you, so you'll just have to see it for yourself. I cant wait for the american dvd version to come out i just hope they dont kill the voice like they do with every other series. Just for anyone who wants to know or is wondering about the american release date its currently set for the 29th of November. ok thats it.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

And there of

Well schools started again and it back to late nights doing homework. So far nothing to gruelling but this is just the beginning. Hopefully it wont get to much worst. So how did your guys first few days go? My freind failed her driving test so unfortuatly i still have to walk to go out for lunch which really sucks. Im due to take my tests in three weeks so im driving like crazy lately. The pressure is really on for me cuz if i fail then all of my friends and I are doomed to be walking for at least another 3 weeks which is the worst thing that can happen. Ok thats it..

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