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Hiya, My names Amber though I prefer to be called Kana ^^; I'm 14 years old, but im pretty (or really) mature for my age. I'm sometimes quiet, but if you get to know me, im a very hyper person who just loves to have fun. I'm a very deep thinker, and I can be very philosophical sometimes. ^^; People say im too nice, but i dont think im nice enough and I also say sorry alot It just comes out, ^^ hehe I love to listen to alot of different kinds of music, including emo, metal, rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, Techno, Classical, J-pop and J-rock lol ^^ I like helping people, being there for them, espiecally my friends. I give advice to them, but I'm more of a listener, so I dont mind when people vent. lol I love to play RPG games and MMORPGs.. my fav j-pop singers are BoA, Utada Hikaru, Nami Tamaki, and my fav j-rock band is L'Arc En Ciel (Hyde is cute lol) Oh i also love bishonens,and I am a supporter of Shonen-ai/yaoi (boy+boy relationships) ^-^

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This egg hatches on January 7, 2006! Adopt one today!
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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

has it been like forever since ive posted? XD
well nothing much has changed really.. im alot more hyper than i used to be yay *claps*

meh misses you all
I sorry that i havent posted.. in like
2 months.. got a new myspace and its realy keeping me busy
i really hae nothing to talk about
stayed up all night last night and i survived school on one kit-kat bar and 2 gaderades XD
and ironically
i didnt fall asleep in one of my classes XD

well meh gotta go now I ish sleeping over my aunts house *huggles and waves* love you all!! ^_^

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