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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 04/18/06:

what type of guys are attracted to you(HOT ANIME PICS)

Result Posted on 02/27/06:

You are a black mountain wolf. You are ruthless and
cold. You value honor and death as well as
mates. You are a true wolf in almost all
aspects, but its either you as the alpha or
no pack at all. (me-I am the same way)

What wolf would you be if you were one?
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Result Posted on 01/29/06:

Your eye color is black.
You are a loner by birth
and are very cold on the
outside, but on the inside
you are loyal and caring.

+What Is Your True Eye Color?+
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Result Posted on 10/30/05:

Your revenge is motivated by grudge.you don't
forget when some one hurts you, and your motto
is "eye for eye". but you don't let
this blind you from the fact that some times
you can't get to your aim that easy, when this
happen you wait and don't let this person get
away with it no matter what the consequences

What is your revenge (how will you payback)? (3 questions for guys & girls)
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Result Posted on 10/30/05:

Your dark side is centered around Death. Anger
running through your veins, your soul is
confused between staying or leaving in this
pointless world. All you want is an open
creative mind to go with your lifestyle, no
conditions or judges, just loyalty to each
other, so you can finally live your perfect
exicting world you always wanted, life will
worth something. You will find what you want
when you believe in something more valuable
then death and when you appreciate your life.

What is the center of your dark core? (updated)
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Result Posted on 10/29/05:
i can not wait to die

U r destined for...death?*has convosation with
scriptwriter* oh,ok u will kill and get killed.
(bloody hell*throws script in bin* screw that) Colour: Black, purple, crimson, dead stuff Future: u will die to soon to tell...sorry...

The destiny quiz! ::STUNNING Anime pics::
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Result Posted on 10/29/05:

Spirits. The spirits that surround the earth are
attracted to you, which is interesting since
they don't really attach themselves to one
particular person the way they do to you. You
are silent and knowledgeable, and perhaps known
by some as a strange and abstract person.
Perhaps that's because you seek for the answers
to your questions through the otherworld. You
can be a voracious reader on the paranormal,
but usually, some of the things they say aren't
true, and so you use your intuition. You are
the one many people come to you for advice, but
your answers may come out muddled since you try
to see things at different angles. Perhaps it
is because of your spiritual understanding that
the spirits are attracted to you. Congrats!

Result Posted on 10/29/05:
so what?????? i see dead ppl cause i feel like i am one

Spirit Sight is your secret ability. You see things not many people see, and you never
take anything for granted. You are the kind of
person who prefers to be alone. Not many people
take you seriously whenever you claim to see
things that many do not. However, it is the
things you see that make an impact on both your
life and the lives around you. Everywhere you
look, you see the spirits of the dead and the
spirits of the earth trying to guide,
manipulate and protect the people you are
surrounded by. Whenever something happens, you
know that the spirits are involved. It's just
that no one believes you. However, there are a
few people that take you seriously, and it is
this small but close-knit group of friends you
are most loyal to. They believe in you and you
to them.

Everyone has a secret ability. What is yours? (7 answers with pics)
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Result Posted on 10/24/05:
O.o holy shit... and you will rarely her me say "holy" but i never thought i would send a note to James and none of yall want to meet him.

Your Suicide Note by hero_dies_alone
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Tomy pimp,
My one happiest memory in life waswhen I laid eyes on you.
But I am gone now. Everyone willhopefully go after that bastard who laughed at me for not having exact change at 7-11.
Know thatI'm y0 baby daddy.
Please leave my thingsRIGHT WHERE THEY ARE, MOTHAFUKKA. I may be dead, but I sure as hell aint giving dat bling up!
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Result Posted on 10/24/05:
that sounds like me

Which Inuyasha Character Do You Resemble? by phoenix-san
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