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Monday, February 25, 2008

   It's a Monkey Pisces!! Happy Birthday Laura!
Happy (Belated) 16th Birthday Laura ^w^!!
Kitsune and her sister

My sister’s birthday was yesterday, February 24th. She was born in the year of the Monkey year of the monkey . She asked me randomly a few weeks ago, if she could be mentioned in my O.; though with me being busy and I miss read the announcement for Version Vibrant (I thought it was going to premiere this weekend, but it’s next weekend XP) so I didn’t post, since I didn’t want it to get lost in the transfer.

Once again Happy Birthday Laura
I’ll write more for this entry, when I get out of class.
(Note, this is unfinished, sorry) 1:17pm.

*typing on the train*
Ok, now to complete this entry.

So, I was going to make her a birthday card, when I thought,”Hey since I’m going to do this entry, I might as well change it up a bit and make it an Internet birthday card/shout out!”
Hehe *smrik* As you are reading this Laura, You are also reading your card…which starts now:

Happy Birthday Laura (4 To the square! Get it, 4 square is 16!.....You know like in FMA, it’s good luck to say H.B. the # of times it is your age or something like that…….Yeah You know I’m dorky-cheesy-fied punk XP)
Wow your sixteen! The big one six O_o. It seems like only yesterday you were a tiny little shrimp chongo (monkey), now you’re all big and taller than me (~_~).
The list of 8 monkey-shrimp changes
1.)You had shorter hair, it was in the shape of a bowl.
2.) You were (and still are at times) hyper as a tweaky bird on crack.
3.) You use to run all over the place, kinda the same as Forest Jump…
4.) You were as quiet as a church mouse (Is that how you spell it?). Once you lost your voice and we didn’t know it till days later, since you didn’t talk much to begin with…
5.) You liked cars and as we all called “Tina Turner” dresses and shoes…
6.) You chewed on our stuff and colored on the walls and on MY tea set >.<
7.) All you ate was TOAST, Muffins, and MILK. Seriously that’s all she would eat..
8.) You now have Itachi/Cross Academy Headmaster/ Hatori style hair *smirks and runs off before you beat me up*

The list of 8 fluffy-punk things that didn’t change
1.) You’re still squishy as ever. Still huggable as hell
2.) It’s still fun to taunt and bug you.
3.) You have the same cute smile. SMILE more often dammit!
4.) Still my partner in crime, in our many voyages of randomness and sibling squabbles.
5.) We call you more by your pet-names, than we do your actual name; we call you by your name when we want to get your attention or when we’re mad.
6.) You have a more variety to choose from when you eat, But you still love toast and milk!
7.) Still a lovable fluffy doodle Jr.
8.) I still love you very much and always will!
Happy Birthday!

OHOHOHOHHMUHAHAHA! *sparkles* hehe, well you wanted to be mentioned on my blog, well you got more than that, You got a whole entry dedicated to You! *Laughs like Action Bastard-Shin-Chan*
Love ya,
Sonia ^w^

Finished 6:36

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   Sorry, this is a really short and unnecessary post..
Hello *trying to juggle books and papers*

I'm sorry, that this post is going (or is now..)to be unnecessarily short and of no important content.

I'm better now :), Went to the doctor, turns out I had the flu and it turned into bronchitis. Not too surprised, I get it at the minimum of once a year. So, I got antiboitics and an exhuberant (which I hate :P). But it's helped.

Long story about me going back to school after missing a week. I type about it later.

I shouldn't even be typing right now! I got only 15 minutes to get to class across campus, so I'm procrastinating.

Thank you so much for the virtual tea and wishing me well timechaser ^w^!

Ok, Gotta go for now, but here's a Pokemon sausage commercial (hehe, reminds me of ShinChan)
Anyways Bye for now!

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

   Don't taunt me Kentuckey Fried Chicken!!

Uhhh, my head feels wozzy and spinny *head to hand*

Yep, I sick right now. I hsve the flu. I haven't had it this bad in a long while.Usually I get a flu shot every year, but this year we didn't have medical insurance and I was lazy about getting it from my campus. Now I rember why I would always get the shot, I feel like crap right now.

Well, I do feel better than I did a few days ago; at least some of my strenght has returned to me, enough to type.

I get sick pretty easily and when I get sick, it's never light. Partly because of my asthema, I always have bad congestion. The reason is a mystery to me; I just am real sensitive to medication and food. I vomit pretty easily when I am ill, much to my utter dislike.
I hate vomitting with a passion and dispite all the times I've gotten sick, I'm never use to it.

I miss eating!! All I do all day is sleep and lay around watching Tv, and DAYTIME Tv at that! I feel my mind is going to bust with all the bad programing thats on daytime television. I mean it's not all bad. I like to watch Regis and Kelly in the morning and the news.
I think what has me frustrated is that we lost out cable again, so we only have only a handful of channels.

Anyways, So I'm at home in front of the tv most of the time and food commercials keep poping up, taunting me! Especially the KFC comercial; Ahhhhhhhh *drools* it looks so goood!

I've been surving off water and basically water with flavorings (Ex, soup, Jell-O, soup etc.)

I made me some fried eggs with a fried tortilla (A comfort food for me and childhood favorite. I grew up on eggs, tuna, bread,tortillas, and milk) yesturday morning out of frustration of not being able to eat and I was pleased for a short time, until within half an hour I got nausiated and threw it all back up and then some!

So I haven't eaten since then. We I did try to eat some of my Dad's girlfriends sopita, but it had WAY too much seasoning and left it.

Maybe I'll make me some breakfast; some toast and soup maybe.
Right now I'm really craving a grild cheese with some tuna inside,right now. Mmm!

I miss you food and I miss my health!

Until I can consume and cook again, here's the new Gintama ending PV called Speed of Flow By The Rodeo Callebrattors. I lve the song and the pretty lights. I reminds me of when you walk around outside real late and the earth is still wet from the rain.

Sorry for any typos...

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