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Hi their I am trekkie 15. I plan on going to college and pursue a degree in veternary mediciene.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hey people
Sorry i haven't been on for a while but anywho.
But i been good except my allergies are bugging me. also discoveredthat my sister is a huge hannah montana fan she has few of hananh and shes getting more.have a good day.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Which Greek Godess are you most like?

Demeter, Godess of the HarvestYou are most like Demeter, the wise and cunning Godess of the Harvest, and mother of Spring.People rely upon you as a main source of nourishment in their life. You are one of the most suttle powers in the world. You have so much power over those who oppose you, and that is because the respect people have for you. Demeter is not a tantrum throwing Godess, like almost all others, but is more suttle in exacting her revenge. She, like you, trusts in those who are close to her to no end, and you would support and never question the decisions of a friend or family member, so great is your trust.You are a decision maker, and you never sit back to let fate decide itself.A strong believer in the afterworld, you are adimite about things such as karma, or good deeds coming back to you, as well as bad deeds catching up with you.
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