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Hello All...
I'm Kina and yes I love Dir en Grey. My favorite band member is well Of course Toshiya.My favorite Bands are An Cafe,Dir en Grey,
Gazette,Alice Nine,Wizard and so on. (I love all the bass players for those bands, Mainly Toshiya,Reita,and Kanon *drool*)So If ya got n-e more question just ask.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey everyone! I haven't been on MyO for awhile! Jeez, so how are you guys?
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sorry guys I haven't been on in forever. Got caught up in school I guess .~. . Anyways. How has everybody been?

I'm going to my first anime convention in march. Yeah. And no. No gothic loli dress. But I am dressing visual kei for it though. ^w^ Yeah happiness. I wonder when Diru's going to have another concert in US. I moved so yeah it suck T~T But now I live closer to Momo-chan ^ ^

Well Peace and Love


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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh my gee
Do you have a myspace too? Well just pm me your link and I shall add ya...
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Wierd Dream
Okay last I had a crazy but very great dream.:

Me,Momo, my friend Kameo-kun, and some other person (I have no clue who he was XD)went to the Dir en Grey concert we were first in line and everything. So we waited a day, (yes we spent the night there)and the concert was up and ready. I was wearing a Black gothic lolita dress (the one I'm working on),Momo wore an awsome long black sleeve jacket with silver chains and black pants. And I won't explain what Kameo-kun and the other dude were wearing, me and momo were the important people of the dream ^ ^. Okay we finally get into the concert and we were on the floor and right agianst the stage area. The first band played and then a few minutes after the played, All you here is someone doing a guitar solo and everyone starts screaming. Then Kaoru comes out wearing his "Monkey Business" tee (yes all fans of Kaoru swoon lol). Then Die came out, and then I screamed when Toshiya came out wearing a very silky smexy vest his sweat rolling off of his skin and wore some black pants that hugged on his hips. (what I'd do too that man, jk jk) And then Kyo comes out and Momo starts screaming something in japanese, (sorry I know very little japanese,I could only tell you bits and peices) well whatever she said got Kyo attention and he nodded at her. Momo looked like she was gonna faint. Then they started to play, first it was Cage, then disabled complexes, and so on (sorry to long of a list XP). Their last two songs were Childs Prey, and the Final. I was singing along to the Final, (meh ultimate favorite song
^ ^) then at the end of the set Toshiya looked straight at me and threw his pic(sp XP)at me. Momo was looking at me like my long life dream came true. We were up at the stage still when a person poke my shoulder. They handed me a pass and took off. WTF I know. I look at the pass and it's a backstage pass. "Oh wow your so lucky," momo said smiling at me as we came to the backstage, I looked Momo and gave her the the pass "you go Momo, You're the one who deserves. Well momo huge hug and goes backstage.
Not even minutes after she left she came back sayign "come on Kina let's go" she was dragging me backstage, "I don't have a backstage stage pass" "it's all taken care of" she tells me and we meet Kyo, Toshiya and Kaoru. Momo had to become my translater, and then what Toshiya says something to me and momo told me that "He remember' me from the CA show." And I say "that year ago does he still remember that?" Momo nodded, I bow and say "Aregato,Hara-sama" he laughs and says something else then Momo says" he says you don't have to be so formal, it's alright." I smile and Then Momo takes pictures with Kyo and Kaoru (momo, you have every right to act fangirlish) then Kyo puts his arm around her waist. And Momo walked out of that looking like her mission was accomplished, I looked at her hand and saw a number written on it "You didn't" I told she smiled "oh yes I did" (I'm guessing it was kyo's cell number or something like that)Anyways I take picture with Toshiya, one he was hugging me, the other he hand had his hand on my head. Then it came to the last pic (momo was video-tapping this with my camera) Toshiya leaned over to kiss my cheek and then went for my lips. (by the way in my dream he was hell of a good kisser ^ ^) Momo's eyes nearly bugged out. (and so did Kaoru, he looked like he was gonna kill Toshiya) Toshiya leaned into my ear and whispered something, ironically I knew what he said >//< "hmm, you taste nice" then me and momo left with our pictures. Momo was really happy and I was really blushing. Then I woke up.

So yep that was my dream ^//^ Well I'm gonna jet.


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Thursday, July 26, 2007

   Hey guys
Er... schools gonna start again soon XP err. Only two more years. Dear god get me out of this hell hole! I'm surrounded by holister chick and guys. That's the true opposite of me XP I'm probably cause alot of attention on halloween though. I'm making my lolita dress ^ ^ I'd show you guys the design but my scanners broken. It's really beautiful. I'm also cosplaying as Miwako from Paradise Kiss ^ ^
My grandma's evil she almost throw away my Diru shirt from the concert and it wasn't an accident either. T~T, but it's now hidden in my closet. Yep yep I'm off.

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