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ToonMasta's Top 5 Games
1. EarthBound - SNES
2. Tales of the Abyss - PS2
3. Okami - PS2
4. Guilty Gear Isuka - PS2
5. Osu Tatakae Ouendan - DS

Note: I also really enjoy the Katamari games, the Jump Super Stars games, and all Pokemon games.

ToonMasta's Top 5 Anime (In no particular order)
1. Trigun
2. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
4. Bleach
5. Chobits

Note: There are a lot of anime movies I like, but this list is series. I also still like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, but not as much.

ToonMasta's Works
Dream Legends
Green Moon Oddyssey
Hai Hai Satoo
Oni Flash (collaboration with Rice Flinga)
ToonMasta (collaboration with ToonMasta team, but created by me)
True Journey

Note: I also have a few collected stories that don't have titles, but thus far I haven't posted art from any of them.

Anyway, it brings me joy to see that my posts have comments on them. Feel free to comment on anything!

Till we meet again...

I'm ToonMasta!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

   Until we meet again... I'll always be ToonMasta
Much like Doodle7, my best friend, I have decided to no longer post on this site, though I will keep my account. I, too, will continue to update my deviantart account, which, incidentally, is also ToonMasta.

If you wish to find me, find me there. The best way is to search for artwork, so I suggest searching "Chisakenomi," as mine is the only piece of that title.

Goodbye forever. I'll miss you, but I hope to see you on the other side (I mean site). Should we meet again, I'll always be ToonMasta.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

   College Student
That's right. As of yesterday, I am officially a college student. I had class from 9am-9:45pm yesterday, so I am pretty worn out. My classes were all wonderful, but having to be awake and at school for so long is a drag.

Last Thursday The Oracle, Doodle and I went to see THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS LIVE IN CONCERT!!!! I'm still thinking about it and wishing I was there.

We were so close to the stage, too! John Linnel was right in front of us for two hours!!! I really wanna go again.

Anyway, I have my braces off now and I got my haircut so I no longer look like Fuu. My retainers are ok, I guess. I don't mind the bottom one, but the top one sucks@! It's always scraping against my tongue, and it's really uncomfortable.

I had sushi for dinner last night. They never brought me the tempura I ordered. When I asked, the lady said it takes a long time to make but I was running low on time, so I had to go.

I think I am going to catch up on my beauty sleep. I don't have class again til Thursday evening, but I'm REAL sleepy. G'night.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

   Something new!
Hey everybody! Well, I start college exactly two weeks from today. Last week I got back from California (I'd been there the previous weekend) where I went shopping, went to San Francisco, and went to a cute sushi place with my aunt. Also, last Thursday I got my glasses!!! I look older now, which for me is good 'cuz I look like I'm about fourteen, four years younger than I am.

With my glasses, I sorta look like Fuu from Rayearth. Ha. Oh! And next Wednesday I get my braces off! Finally! I've had them for five years, and I get them off the week before I start school! And the DAY before I go to a They Might Be Giants concert!! Yay!!

Well, I did some art. I did an avatar-ish pic, but it doesn't look good in avatar size, so I'm a little mad. It's cute, too, so maybe I'll put it up later this week. Not today, though. Too much to do.

Well, until we meet again...

I'm ToonMasta.

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