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I am a country girl but I like Toby Mac. So please be nice or I'll have to kick your butt. I love Toby Mac, Adam Sandler, Brian Regan, star wars, and Kenny Chesney. I am a christian. I love the Lord and thank him for everything,
Even if it doesn't turn out the way I want it to. Well bye ya'll have fun.Oh please tell me if you take request's.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I can't believe this Video is Insanly like my life. Well I sort of like sasuke. But I try to cover it up so I think this video is sooooo much like Me. I can't believe it!!!!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Your Naruto Love Story

Your Naruto guy is Sasuke!How you met and became engaged: You two had been on the same team for 3 years. While training alone in the forrest you are surrounded by foreign ninja. Drawing out your kunai you defend yourself to the best of your ability. Unfortunatly enough they are to much for you and you are immpossibly out numbered. Just when you believe that you will never see the light of day ever again, Sasuke blocks the ninjas attacks killing them off quickly. After you regain your composure he helps you to your feeting commenting," Is it possible for you to spend one afternoon training with out needing my help?" You reply," I didn't need your help I had it covered, before you and your emo self stopped my fun!!" He snickers quietly to himself before answering back to you," I like you." You drop your jaw then reply," Don't you have enough fangirls already?"After this incedent you two become close friends. One day he leaves on a mission not expected to return. A year later he does and you two spend some time dating before you both are called on an S-ranked assaination mission. While on the ship being whisked away to your upcoming mission you enter his cabin. You two are alone. You both began reminising about home. When you share the memory of the day he saved you from most certain death he pulls you close and opens up a black velvet box revealing (Of Course) a ring(Imagine that!).Grasping your hand in his own he slips it on your finger. You tell him that you will marry him before he can even get the words out of his mouth. He kisses you on the lips.ONE YEAR LATER... after you both have survived the deadly mission you are married by your old sensei Kakashi on an island with a small congrgation. Although you two never have any children you are happy together and both realize that you would lay your life down for the other.
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Friday, July 13, 2007

I just got back from camp and it was AWESOME!!!
I LOve camp it was church, but it was AWSOME!! I met some cute boys and made a LOT OF FRIENDS. Did I say it was AWESOME!!

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