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I really like everyones pictures so I joined this. hee hee I would really like it if you guys out there that likes my fan art and/or others... could you be my friend? I don't really open up to anyone but if i get to know you better I might will. Oh here's a little background info on me then: First of all I'm Japanese in blood so ya I know little Japanese by heart *hint hint* the last name and middle name is Japanese. Well lets see about to go to High school (9th grade woot!) I have hair that is short and that goes right next to my shoulders, brown eyes, and.... I smile a lot.
well I think that's all. Byez
Oh and Metal-Inuyasha's site is cool. you Should see it. and Metal-Inuyasha's is cool, and asianboy0254.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

OMG my birthday date is weird! Looky:

7-17-07 age: 17
7 17 7 17

It's a pattern! ok I just felt like tell you guys that....-_-''

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HEEEEEE HEEEE It's YOKO!!!!! I LOVE YOKO! I think his better then Sessho. I think... not they're the same.
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hee hee that is soooo cool! I love it! Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru. la la la I love Sesshomaru
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