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Hey, sup?- welcome to my site. Look around, sign my guestbook, and add me as a friend if u want. Thanks!


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"It's like being in a candy store that's on fire- it feels good for a little while but you know you should get out"

-Dimitrium Martin ((sp?)) when talking about hookah

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

it's been a while :)
hey, sup? i haven't been on here in an eternity but i'm back for now i guess. my work load has lightened a but but i'm still not doin all of it, heheh. as far as anime and manga go, i'm into Tenjho Tenge now which definitely kicks ass. there's good action and romance, but maybe just a lil but too much fan service. it's a sweet series tho. and as for manga, i looooooove NANA, Vampire Knights, and Kare First Love. they're all really awesome and i've become addicted to all three, but that's not a bad thing ;)

well i hope all is well with everyone, lemme know how u all are doing and what you've been up to since september, cause that's how long it's been! here's a puzzle to keep everyone occupied, and i updated the video of the week and poll too. enjoy, and i'll def be back soon.


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Monday, August 7, 2006

nothing new . . .
same ol same ol, just chillin like a villain still- haha. my friend's coming over today who i accidentally got into manga and anime- sweet! she's one of my best friends and i keep lending her books to read and she's been reading one after the other. my cuz ((totoro)) lent me his copy of Tokyo Godfathers, has anyone seen it? i remember seeing a preview of it a while back and my parents wanted to see it too, so maybe we can all watch it tonight. it seems really good tho.

anyone seen any good anime lately?

ooo, and i watched the whole FLCL part of adult swim on saturday and my cousins told me how some guy won this contest and got to control adultswim for the night, that is freaking awesome! we were bummed InuYasha wasn't on tho. speaking of FLCL, here's the new cosplayer of the week . . .

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pretty sweet, huh?

well, i guess i'll ttyl! enjoy your summer while it lasts!


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Monday, July 31, 2006

cosplayer of the week!!!
hey, sup? same ol' same ol' here except i'm working everyday this week o_O but that means more $ so i guess it'll pay off eventually $_$

what is everyone esle doin? i just finished book 3 of Nana today, and i have to say i LOVE Nana, even tho i've borrowed the books from motoko747, heheh. i also have been thinking about selling my Marmalade Boy books on ebay along w/ this 1 "Boys Over Flowers" book my friend gave me that i don't like. Marmalade boy is the only finished collection i have and i could finish some of the 1's i actually still like w/ the $. i guess i'be just outgrown it, haha.

have u guys ever bought or sold stuff on ebay? how'd it go? i've bought a few things and i haven't had ne problems.

and on to the COSPLAYER OF THE WEEK!!! . . .

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

someone dressed up as Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist ((heheh, obviously)). what do u guys think of the costume? comments r appreciated ;) later



p.s.- i've actually kept up w/ the video of the week too :D

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Monday, July 24, 2006

hey all . . .
i'm doin well this week! i have to work everyday but tomorrow tho :P but i can't complain i need the $! work hasn't been as boring as usual tho which is good. one night this weekend ((i work at Wendy's)) we all switched nametags and were mocking each other- it was hilarious. today was good too, prolly because it was so busy during lunch i'm distracted and i don't think of the time.

so what has everyone been up to? i made a bunch of "summer resolutions" like to read some books i haven't finished or that were assigned for class that i wanna reread for a better understanding. i also wanted to use my flash cards to get better at my spanish grammar and draw, but i'm sad to say i haven't worked on much of these, heheh. maybe in the next 2 months? ;)

has anyone else decided there was something they'll do or change this summer? how is it going. i hope it's going better than mine!

well, i'm gonna go back to watching Witch Hunter Robin episodes on YouTube :D have a good one!!!


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Saturday, July 22, 2006

here is the first week that i'll be starting a cosplayer of the week part of my site, and i promise to try and keep up and change it every week. all of them will be pics from ACEN this year, unless i find and develop my other film, heheh. this week is a girl who was dressed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts. there were three of them but i could only catch the one.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

what does everyone think of her costume?

the video of the week is changed and don't forget to vote in the poll!


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