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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

   I know no one will ever read this, but I don't care.
This is the first time I've been on MyO lately. I never get on since they changed it. I don't like it anymore. But I got on and read al my old posts and wanted to both laugh and die of shame at how dreadfully lame we all were. No wonder everyone thought I was a freak, hahaha! I did delete all my posts, but I left all my guest book signatures because they're all very special to me. This entire website means so much to me. This was my awkward teenage years. This website was the thing I loved so much when I was going through those weird times. Now everyone has facebook's but it will never be the same to me. I could be myself (probably a little too much, haha) on this website and people would listen. And most importantly, if I had never used MyOtaku, I would never have met my boy. In the last post I made, I finished it with the truest thing I know and that is how I intend to finish this one too.

I love you, Sam. <3

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

is it just me
or does the new "otaku" suck some serious ASS

I love you, Sammmmmm <33

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