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Hello everyone! for those of you that do not know me, I am Tohru-chan142! This site was brought 2 my knowlegde with the help of my friend. Anyway, as u can see, I am in much need of help here! Aside from this, I have many close freinds!! yes, that doesn't include my crushes on countless anime characters!! I'll get my first fan art in soon, I have a few last minute details 2 do!! Anyway, please make comments on it! Enjoy what there is!!(now i only like the countless anime/manga characters!!!)

Anyone of you call me by my real name...and i...
well...i can't do anything about that! Other than have Yashako-chan come out and yell at you all!! I doute at any of you will do that!! So please...don't call my real name...that is if you can see it!!
*evil smile*

Oh yes...If you have any fanart requests...please PM me or make a comment on one of the post/fanarts that i have! be sure to tell me who you want it to be of, and I will try my best! also...please have it be an anime/manga that i know!! my fave anime gives you some ideas on the ones that i know!!

Oy...this is long! I don't want to keep you reading my intro forever...so i'm just going make it short from here!Please comment and (if this is your first time here/havent' signed) sign my guestbook! dozo arigato gozaimasu!

Well...Arigato gozaimasu! and Ja ne!!!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

i'm feeling ok today! yah!
well, things are wacky! also, i have homework so I must go now! just letting you all know that i'm not dead...though i have been and it's not that bad.
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