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Monday, January 7, 2008

Hatred of my camera
It's show time!

Hello peoples! I am back! Oh and yes I did have fun. But, at the convention, Ichigo, Akemi, and myself all quit the masqurade (SP?). Those people were seriously scary! Like when I told (I think her name was Monica on the site.) a lady that we wanted to quit I was shaking and I was about to cry. But that was the only really bad thing about the convention.

Well, on Friday we went to the convention and we were going to figure out how to fix my shirt for Sasuke, and then we decided to use two turtle neck shirts and cut the sleeves off, and it took about five minutes, it was funny because it turned out good! HAHA! So, we went out to the convention and stood in line for a good 45 minutes, heh heh, it was really long. But while we were in line we got two pictures taken of us. It was so cool because those were our first pictures, and we started to keep track of our progress. It was fun! Oh and Ichigo's grandma paid for our tickets, I love that woman! I swear to you all, she is so freaking awesome! ^-^
Um... I think that is it for Friday. If I forget something I'll ask Ichigo and then tell you guys on my next update, hahaha!

On Saturday we woke up early because we wanted to get a lot of things in before we went to the masqerade (SP?) because that was going to take all day! Well let's see, we got even more pictures, it was so fun! And um... once Akemi was blocked by me and Ichigo (Akemi is kind of on the short side.) and this guy had walked up to Ichigo and I asked if he could get us and she was like 'What, and Sakura is not important enough?!' The guy kind of looked shocked, and then saw Akemi, he was like all I am sorry I didn't see you. Haha!
Oh! Before that I was asked to do a picture with a boy that was dressed as Naruto, he asked me to act like I was performing chidori (SP?) and I was like, what am i supposed to do? I told him I don't watch a lot of Naruto because I don't have cable, and so Ichigo came to my rescue and told me to stand a certain way. I love that girl! THANK YOU ICHIGO!
But that guy, by the way, was super cute, was like well you can always watch naruto on the internet and I was like, I would if I didn't have crappy internet, and Ichigo added about how my PC was down then, haha!
Um... also on Saturday we got a bunch of hugs, at first they started out because Akemi was Sakura and people were like she is so cute because she is short! And throughout the day we got a few hugs, but I got the most, haha! Sasuke beats Naruto, take that Ichigo! (She got one more picture than me, so she wins in that, haha!)
Um... let's see, also on Saturday we had to go to get our skit checked out to make sure that we get into the masquerade (sp?) and so we were practicing the hall and these two people ran up to us and were attacking us, and this guy ran up to Ichigo and grabbed her in the chest! 0_0 Yeah, people couldn't tell if she was a guy or a girl! HAHA! (She was also stalked by a phycho Hinata too!) Yeah, she got grabbed in the chest a couple times, poor girl...
Oh Ichigo and I performed our first yaoi (would that be yuri for us?????????) pose, and the girl that wanted us to do it she was like kiss on the lips, and I told her we are girls and we don't do that so she settled with me kissing Ichigo on the cheek, but that chick came back! She seriously wanted us to kiss! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Scary!
Well let's see, i already told you about how we dropped the skit. Oh! Naruto (the one I told you about, the cutie.) he and his partner, Hinata (not the pycho one.) dropped out too because they didn't know their dance routine well enough, so we felt bad for them and got their pictures, ichigo also got a picture where her and the other Naruto were together back to back, so cute! I need to get that picture off of her!!!!
We were supposed to come back after dinner for the rave, but we opted for a movie, which we watched with her grandma, 30 days night, it was okay, too gory for me personally, I liked the story line, just way too much blood! >-<

On to Sunday! Okay let's see, there wasn't too much to happen. We really just stayed for a little more shopping. In all i bought a Kyouya (Ouran High School Host Club) plushie, a Temari sticker, volume 3 of Fushigi yugi: The Mysterious play, and a traditional Chinese dress, it is so pretty! Oh! I helped buy One missed call 1 & 2 japanese versions! and a little help with a tee-shirt for Ichigo, the dvd went with Ichigo.

That is all.

Oh and I had a practice OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) it was way too simple minded!!!!

Hope you all have a great day!!!!

Oh, as for the title of my post, my carema's pictures were all fuzzy when I uploaded them, but I had to keep the two I have on here, there were a few that weren't all that bad.

Pictures that turned out best: Me and Ichigo, Ohayocon 2008
Me, Gaara (random person), and Ichigo, Ohayocon 2008

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