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This site is Yaoi friendly.
Hy My Friends...
I be Toaster..Lovexx.Well please find my site enjoyable.
Please follow these rule below..lol..Hmmmm...?
Oh and the yaoi friendly thing was on DeathAlchemist03's site!
So I kinda took the idea..hehe..sorry DA03!
If you want to live please follow::
|1::Please No Cursing.
|2::No stealing JUST DON'T TOUCH MY STUFF!
?+8--::Heart:: Toaster..Lovexx?+8

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I have been sick since last Saturday....
I feel Weird...
I feel stupid for not commenting or going on in awhile...
And thats mostly it and sorry if I haven't commented on your site.

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