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teh name is tishama but call me tish ;D
keep walking.. keep talking.. you got nothing on me. keep smiling because you know that you CANT do what i do.. keep staring.. comparing.. thinking of what it would be like to be in my shoes.. you cant do what i do.. -tish
everything happens for a reason -tish
everyone has the right to be stupid..some just choose to abuse that..-tish
love is being stupid together-alix
best friends cus parents couldnt handle us as sisters-alix
sometimes you just have to run away to see who will follow-tish
i may have failed your life. but i am very successful with my own -roro
::rant paragraph1::
dude wth?!?!?!?!
why is everyone in the world so damn uptight about how they look, what they act like, or who they "HAVE" to be.....or oddly enough how they effin smell O.o
WHO CARES!!! as long as you are comfortable....and you dun look like a cave man >.> [or woman w/e the case]
and who cares how you smell...as long as its tolerable what does it matter?! .......that doesnt mean you stop showering because garinteed yer money back...NO ONE WILL LIKE YOU
this as been tishama with the first of many rant paragraphs.
have a nice day :]