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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today is the Day!
After all our hoping, screaming, crying, anticipating, praying, bitching, and many other -ings, Version Vibrant is set to launch. Can't wait to learn how everything in the new system works.

Right now I'm waiting for Dad to come home so we can go out to Best Buy to 1) Check on the progress of computer repairs, and 2) Because there are quite a few DVDs I'd like to get.

Thanks to ADV rescheduling certain releases, Kurau and NHK are out today rather than a couple of weeks ago when I originally expected. Then there's Mushi-shi and Hell Girl from last week, and the Special Edition of Origin: Spirits of the Past (I've been meaning to get that movie for some time). Just hope I can find everything I'm looking for.

And for those of you who enjoyed the Top Gear limousine challenge, here is the first segment, where Jeremy, Richard, and James actually pick and cut up their cars.



Darke: I remember seeing part of that episode, I'll have to find it on You Tube =P I also love the one where they somehow managed to set a car on fire INSIDE a carwash XD
Yes, BGC 2040 and Haibane Renmei are among my top favorites ^^ I have the Haibane OST, beautiful stuff.

TwistedCyberChick: Glad the videos made you laugh =) My family has been watching British shows for as long as I can remember. They definitely have some way better television than us. I don't think anyone in the US would ever be smart enough to create something like Monty Python, for example.
Glad you liked the Galahad =) Perhaps I should get you turned on to a few more bands I like ^^

Raina You should come be my nurse =P You could make sure I'm in bed on time and keep me from huring myself ^^
Oh, and be my tailor too ^^ I will pay well... um, when I have a job =P

2short: Ha, that's awsome that your folks watched it with you. I'm glad they found it funny. And yes, get BBC America! We don't watch it all the time, but it's got some good shows.

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