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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Taking a Break from the OPs
I've got a couple more bunches of OPs to post, but I'll take a break for now, give everyone a breather =P

So, today is supposedly, very likey the final arrival date of Version Vibrant. I'll be sure to keep checking all day so I can register the Watercooler as soon as possible. When I've done that, I'll send everyone a PM with the page link ^^

I was pleased to finally be able to order a CD I've been looking for, Empires Never Last by Galahad. Great British neo-prog band, and sadly one of the lesser-known ones. The online store I normally order from had no plans to stock the CD because they failed to negotiate with he band on price. But I was told where I could find a copy, and sure enough I was able to find it.
If you'd like, listen to this live cut of the song TERMINATION from the band's DVD.

Oh man... I nearly died laughing today while watching Top Gear. For any of you who don't know, Top Gear is a British show about cars. They talk about and test cars, they have a segment where they get a celebrity to drive a timed lap around a track, and they also do the most insane, wacky things you could think of to do with cars and take on a bunch of challenges.
The episode today had each of the three hosts turning an average car into a stretch limousines. They put each one through a list of challenges, and then each had to pick up a celebrity and chauffer them to an award ceremony. Needless to say, it pretty much ended in tears.
It's been a long time since I laughed that hard, and I was worried I might bust a lung thanks to the damn infection. It's left me quite sensitive o_O

But this whole limo thing has to be seen to be believed, and I managed to find most of it on You Tube, so take a look for yourselves and be prepared to laugh your asses off =P





CosmicSailor: Yipe, that doesn't inspire confidence o_O Yeah, maybe we should call tomorrow and see how it's going...
I tried watching Paranoia Agent when it was on Adult Swim, but it failed to impress me as I hoped it would. I think the only other title from Geneon I'd be tempted to try getting is Black Heaven.

Raina: I wish I had more clothes, but clothes shopping is very problematical for me. It's a miracle when I find something I like that fits.

Master Hiko: Let's hope you can see those Top Gear videos ^^
Heh, I would be tempted to hit the computer, but afraid I'd make it worse.

Allamorph: I have a PC, not a Mac. So if there is a magic set of keys I could've pressed to fix it, I don't know what it is o_O Let's hope the repair guys do.

Shonigoneyes93: Check out Hell Girl and Kurau if you ever have the chance, they're both good shows ^^

TwistedCyberChick: I didn't even realize the Kurau OP had Spanish subs =P I was just looking for the best quality OP out of all the ones people have uploaded.
And thanks for saying I have good taste in anime ^^ I'll take ego-boosting whenever I can =P
Glad I could solve a musical mystery for you ^^

Tsubusa: I don't have the energy to get pissed off right now =P But it's very late, maybe I will have the energy after I've slept ^^

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