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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Favorite Anime OPs #2
Well, now I know why the new NHK and Kurau DVDs weren't in the store when I went to get them last weekend, and why a bunch of titles have been missing from ADV'S website. For the full story CLICK HERE.

Looks like they've been rescheduled for release next week, 3/04. Let's hope this new information is accurate.

Not much happened around here today, except laundry. I usually end up doing mine and my Dad's laundry every Thursday or Friday, because I run out of clean clothes pretty fast.

And here is the second batch of OPs from some of my favorite anime...







Raina: Thanks for sending all the emoticons for me to copy to the MSN on my laptop =3

CosmicSailor: Um, no I havent heard any news. What news? *gets worried now*
I'm glad I have pretty much everything from Geneon I want, except the shows I was getting at the time they went under - Black Lagoon Season 2, and the rest of Higurashi and the Hellsing OVA.
Your computer never seems to like videos. I'd get that checked out maybe.

Iruka Sensei: Yeah, I'd like some positive news about what they can do for the computer. We tried spending the minimum amount of money for those upgrades, now we gotta spend more to repair it D:

Allamorph: Yeah, Yuu is a very important character in the story, he has an integral connection to both the (anti) hero and the villain. You should finish the show when you get the chance =)
Ergo Proxy is one of my big favorites, but it is definitely one that a lot of people won't get and could give up on in frustration. It's firmly in the Serial Experiments Lain camp - very cryptic and with a lot of philosophical jargon thrown in. It's got a wonderfully dark atmosphere, and it's the kind of challenging anime I love. It's less pure entertainment and more of something to exercise your brain.

Ryosuke Forever: That sucks. If you didn't finish it, find some way to. I demand you watch the whole series! XD
Oh yeah, the D'eon OP is one I could listen to over and over =)

TwistedCyberChick: I absolutely ADORE Haibane Renmei. It is for sure my irriplacable #1 anime. It's just a beautiful show, short but sweet and emotional. And it's practically the only thing I freely admit made me cry. The last half gets you steadily worked up until the final episode, which is heart-wrenching. You must watch it ^^

Tsubusa: I had a hard time resisting the urge to destroy it =P

Master Hiko: It was permanently stuck in that loop that brought it back to that screen. It would go on forever if you left it alone, and manually restarting didn't help at all.
Looks like we ended up in that 5% o_O

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