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Friday, February 29, 2008

Computer Went Over the Edge / Favorite Anime OPS #1
Yup, before I had a chance to figure out what was wrong, the computer went completely mental.

After yet another random restart, it went to the text page that tell you the computer shut down to prevent damage because something was wrong, and you get to pick what mode to start up in - Safe Mode, Last Good Settings, etc.

Well, no matter what mode I tried, it would just restart and go back to that page. It was an endless loop, going to that page over and over and never fully rebooting. So the whole tower had to be taken down to Best Buy, and they're keeping it for a couple of days to figure out what the problem might be.

I'm not too fond of my laptop, but at least I have it so I won't go insane while the PC is away.

Oh, and if anyone wants to check out the X TV series, you may have to find and download a DVD rip. It was a Geneon series, which means DVDs will eventually dry up, if they haven't already.

So, I went searching through You Tube recently, collecting OPs from some of my favorite anime in my collection. Here's the first batch:







Raina: Thank you, my editor ^^

Iruka Sensei: I hope they can fix mine o_O

Schultzie: Yeah, you didn't miss much. It was visually beautiful, but that alone wasn't enough to negate how bad the story and acting were.

2short: I like Tokko, for all it's faults ^^ It isn't meant to be high class, and it knows it. It's just a fun splatterfest =P

Allamorph: I like Noein because it has a good scientific sense to it. It portrays actual ideas from the world of theoretical and quantum physics. It's rare to find a scientifically 'smart' anime.

TwistedCyberChick: See, you know exactly what I mean, they butchered it! o_O

Tsubusa: Heh, I have enough memory problems due to too much anesthetic in the hospital, not to meantion the traumas I've dealt with in my life. I'll avoid intentionally hitting my head, thanks =P

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