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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tonight, SciFi Channel aired the X/1999 movie... and OH MY GOD IT SUCKED! o_O

Yes, the animation was pretty, but that did nothing to take away from how much the story died from condensing it down to feature film length. Not to mention a bunch of character and plot changes that were painful to see.

If you ever have the desire to watch X, please watch the TV series. It is so much better, the characters are more fully explored, and people actually survive at the end.

Plus the dub acting in the movie was atrocious...

Dammit, I wish I could erase it from my mind completely. It's like comparing the movie and TV versions of MASH. It doesn't matter that the movie came first, the TV series is a million times superior.

And now, a more elaborate explaination of my nicknames:

Congrats to Mimmi, 2short, and especially TwistedCyberChick for correctly guessing why a friend called me Ukitake. A friend from Anime Pulse, Division-Ten, called me that due to my sickness, and how I would cough up blood, just like the character. Not the best way to get a nickname, but it fits =P

TC: Pretty self-explanitory, this is the easiest abbreviation of my screen name.

TeeCee/TeeSee/Space Continuum Hunter/Mecha Tiser/Clock-Stalker: These are all variations, plays on, and anagrams of my name that Mimmi has dreamed up *hugs Mims* ^^'

Timey: The name Red Tigress tends to use.

Chaser: A few people have used this, but primarily Schultzie.

Persuer of Chronolgy: What SomeGuy used to refer to me in the most recent Otaku Opinion Poll posting.

Danny Phantom/Ukitake: Both names were given by my friend Division-Ten. You already know why she calls me Ukitake, she uses Danny Phantom as well because it sounds cool and it doesn't annoy me (even though I pretend it does).

DB/DeathBlossom: DB is the name I use on the forum and chatboard of Progulus Radio. DeathBlossom is a play on DB used by my friend MAVIII. It's a reference to the movie The Last Starfighter.

Lil' Bro: A name used only by my friend Cutenpurdy. One of the first online friends I ever made, she's a sweet older lady who considers me the brother she never had.

Senpai: The name Raina calls me by =)

Ugh... I've had to finish this post on my laptop, because my computer was restarting every time I tried to do something online. We really need to figure out what's causing the PC to go loopy.

And in the next post I'll go into a more detailed breakdown of the differences between the X movie and series that managed to piss me off.

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